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‘We will love you forever’: Pellegrini’s restaurant co-owner killed in Bourke St attack

Melbourne's inner city community is remembering “one-in-a-million” Pellegrini's Espresso B..

Melbourne's inner city community is remembering "one-in-a-million" Pellegrini's Espresso Bar co-owner Sisto Malaspina, who was killed by a terrorist on Bourke Street on Friday.

A clipboard in a window with writing on a yellow piece of paper.

Mr Malaspina, 74, died after he was attacked by 30-year-old Somali-born Hassan Khalif Shire Ali, who crashed his vehicle loaded with gas bottles in the Melbourne CBD and stabbed three people before he was shot by police and died in hospital.

Eyewitnesses said it appeared Mr Malaspina was walking over to the car after it burst into flames to offer assistance, when he was stabbed in the chest.

The Melbourne institution was closed today and floral tributes were assembled in the window, accompanied by a hand-written sign paying tribute to the "best boss".

"Sisto — thank you for making us your staff members as part of your life," the sign reads.

"You always looked after us like family.

"You always said to have fun at work because we all worked so hard.

"Pellegrini's was your life. We will never forget all that you have done and given us all. We will love you forever and ever in our hearts."

The Salvation Army's Brendan Nottle, who has occupied the office across from Pellegrini's for more than 20 years, said Mr Malasani's loss would leave a "massive hole" in the community.

"He was an institution, everyone on this end of the city knew him," he said.

"He had huge personality, he was always up and about, almost theatrical in Pellegrini's.

"He was a guy with a great heart, he always looked after people and it was amazing to see people from all walks of life really warm to him."

Late Sisto Malaspina in his restaurant Pellegrini's

Allyson Fonseca was one of many regular diners at Pellegrini's, and said Mr Malaspina was a "genuine icon of Melbourne".

"He was just so giving and I'm not surprised he went to the aid of the attacker in his burning car because he was just such a giving soul," she said.

Mr Nottle said he didn't believe the café would ever be the same without him.

"I think he was one in a million," he said.

"It's almost like a village, most people know each other, we've known each other for a long time, I think his passing is going to have a huge impact on this part of the city."

The window of Pellegrini's Espresso Bar in Melbourne with flowers and a tribute to co-owner Sisto Malaspina.

Mr Malaspina was born in Italy and came to Australia in 1963.

He took over Pellegrini's with his friend Nino Pangrazio in 1974.

In a video to celebrate 40 years of their ownership of the restaurant in 2014, Mr Malaspina spoke of his love for his customers and business partner.

External Link: Sisto Malaspina was commended by the City of Melbourne for his work at Pellegrini's

"The thing that I find very beautiful — it's like going back 40 years … little children that were in their mother's tummy, then come in as a baby, now they come in with their own children. That's so wonderful," he said.

"I love people, especially Pellegrini's customers. They are the best in the world."

Fifty-eight-year-old Tasmanian Rod Patterson — described as "the sort of man who would be first to step in and try to help" — is in a stable condition in Royal Melbourne Hospital following surgery for lacerations, as is a 24-year-old Hampton Park man.

Shire Ali died in hospital after being shot by police as he lunged towards them with a knife.

Social media has also been flooded with tributes to Mr Malasini, as Melburnians and visitors alike remember his generosity.

Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe said he had been frequenting Mr Malaspina's restaurant since 1987.

External Link: Russell Crowe on Twitter: Sisto, il mio cuore si spezza … Ive been going to Pellegrinis since 1987. Never been to Melbourne without dropping in on my man Sisto . South Sydney stickers on the wall and caps on display. My sweet loyal friend, stabbed in the street by a mad man. Cosí triste.

The Wiggles' Anthony Field said Mr Malaspina was a great man who will be missed by all.

External Link: Twitter Anthony Wiggle: Heart broken that we lost such a great man of Pellegrinis and a friend to so many (including me) Sisto Malaspina

Olympian Tamsyn Lewis Manou said she was devastated by the news.

External Link: Tamsyn Lewis on Twitter: Devestated by the news that Pellegrinis owner Sisto Malaspina was the victim of the attack in Melbourne yesterday.Angry because a good man was trying to help another human & shattered for what is a huge loss to Melbourne cities heart beat…thoughts to family & friends #RIPSisto

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Downing Street have bigger problems over the Brexit deal than losing the PR war

There are a lot of Conservative MPs who are worried tonight that Downing Street is losing the “air w..

There are a lot of Conservative MPs who are worried tonight that Downing Street is losing the “air war” over its deal with the European Union very badly – and many journalists agree.

Its true that anyone watching 24-hour television has had a near-uninterrupted line of critical voices about Theresa Mays accord with the EU27. But the bigger problem is not that they didnt have, say, James Cleverly, going to bat to explain why Mays deal is a good one for rolling news.

Its that the number of people on air who have already said things on live TV or radio that make it hard to see how they could possibly vote for Mays deal is already above the number that May would need to lose to be in danger. The combined Conservative-DUP majority is 14, which means she needs to lose seven MPs to be in danger. The DUP has come out against the deal so she is already trailing by three. Add Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg, who have both gone on air to denounce the deal and she is down by five.

The government is not just past the point where its majority on paper is in danger, but where it is outside the area where any realistic Labour rebellion can save it. Theres a tendency to underrate the chances that Conservative MPs will rebel because so many other confrontations with Conservative rebels, whether they be pro-Europeans or Brexiteers, have ended with the rebels voting with the government. But crucially, in each of those cases, the government made a concession to buy off those rebels. In some cases, sure, those concessions turned out to be worth less than would-be-rebels thought they were. But in all of those cases the government didnt have to put those concessions into a binding treaty that could be examined by MPs before they vote. In this case, they do.

And thats why while it is a problem for the government that they are losing the air war, it is a tiny one compared to the much bigger problem that they do not as it stands have a path to passing their Brexit deal through the House of Commons and it is tricky to see where they are going to get one.

Stephen Bush is special correspondent at the New Statesman and the PSA's Journalist of the Year. His daily briefing, Morning Call, provides a quick and essential guide to domestic and global politics.

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No Nut November: the insidious internet challenge encouraging men not to masturbate

What may appear to be just another weird and bizarre internet challenge is underpinned by extreme mi..

What may appear to be just another weird and bizarre internet challenge is underpinned by extreme misogyny and threats of violence.

“Well done to the soldiers fighting on the front lines. And a moment of silence for our fallen comrades,” reads one post. “We must stay strong and continue the challenge for them,” reads another. “For my brothers still out there, we have survived almost two weeks,” reads a previous post, “Two weeks of self-determination.” “I will NOT lose this battle!” reads another.

These posts may read like an army motivational board, a triathlon training forum, or even, generously, a gamer thread. However they belong to one particular forum on social network Reddit that has exploded in popularity over the last several years. Growing out of the annals of 4chan and similar internet message boards from the early noughtie, as well as being built on deeply traditional, historically puritanical views, the movement has grown to the tens of thousands, with hundreds posting on the sub-Reddit every single day. The forum is No Nut November: the internet challenge encouraging men not to ejaculate (or “nut”) for an entire month.

The rules of No Nut November (often abbreviated to NNN) are relatively straightforward: the key being not to orgasm for the entire month of November. Details of the rules on the sub-Reddit include lines like “ONE WET DREAM ALLOWED”, “NEBs (Non-ejaculatory masturbation) and pre-cum are allowed”, and “SEX IS A DISQUALIFICATION, BIRTHDAY SEX INCLUDED”. A motivational post on the sub-Reddit, giving helpful guidance to those participating, includes advice such as “DONT. EDGE.”, “Keep your bladder empty”, and “Dont be alone”.

No Nut Novembers popularity has grown so rapidly in the last few years that it has managed to penetrate the mainstream. Burger King even tweeted on 1 November referring to the challenge: “him: its only a month / waifu [slang for a female partner derived from anime and manga]: ………..[crying emoji]”. On one Reddit forum dedicated to adults trying to relate to young people, a post with over forty thousand upvotes read, “Yep guys. Burger King just acknowledged No Nut November.”

him: it's only a month
waifu: ………..

— Burger King (@BurgerKing) November 1, 2018

This may, initially, appear to be your average, dumb, internet challenge; something bizarre and fleeting, like eating a teaspoon of cinnamon or chugging a gallon of milk within an hour. The type of online trend that, although perhaps unpleasant, is nothing but harmless. However, NNN is different. While some participating in the month-long abstinence period may be doing just that, simply participating; the challenge has a darker side and often dangerous consequences that affect more people than those just participating. I spoke to Girl on the Net, a sex blogger who has written extensively on topics such as masturbation, sex-positivity, and the effects of porn on our mental health – key to the No Nut November philosophy. She shed a light on how No Nut November began.

“NNN came out of the NoFap movement, which began on Reddit, with guys encouraging each other to give up masturbation,” she says. Indeed, the NoFap sub-Reddit began in 2011, when one Redditor discovered a study that argued men who abstained from masturbating saw huge spikes in their testosterone levels after a week. While initially built merely on this foundation, the NoFap community has become linked to wider sexism and misogyny, reducing women to sexual objects to be attained or abstained from and shaming sexually active women. And this is no niche philosophy. The NoFap sub-Reddit, at the time of writing, has 377,000 subscribers.

“There is a lot of myth and misogyny mixed in with what is essentially a fairly harmless personal challenge” Girl on the Net tells me. “I suspect most people doing NNN are doing it for personal reasons; they think they're spending too much time wanking, for instance, and want to see if they can spend their time on other things.” (more…)

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An agreement in Brussels is only the beginning of Theresa Mays problems

Britains divorce from the EU is approaching its Westminster endgame. With a Brexit deal agreed betwe..

Britains divorce from the EU is approaching its Westminster endgame. With a Brexit deal agreed between both sets of negotiators in Brussels, Theresa Mays cabinet will meet tomorrow afternoon to consider a draft of the withdrawal agreement. Ministers also will meet the Prime Minister individually this evening.

While we dont yet know what the text of that agreement says, we do know what Brexiteer cabinet ministers dont want to be in it: an Irish border backstop in the form of a “temporary” customs union that cannot be left unilaterally by the United Kingdom. The best that the EU will offer is a multilateral “review mechanism”, not a time limit or one-sided break clause.

We also know what the DUP will not accept: a backstop that only applies to Northern Ireland, or provisions within a UK-only backstop that apply to Northern Ireland alone. A customs union in and of itself wont prevent a hard border, so the latter will be needed at the very least. By the DUPs uncompromising logic, this is merely disingenuous new packaging for the same unacceptable reality.

Reports from Brussels suggest the deal will contravene both of those red lines. Just as important as the word “deal”, however, is “draft”: nothing will be finalised until it is signed off by the EU Council this month or next. If the shape of the agreement is as expected, we should also expect Cabinet resignations. May then faces a choice between ploughing heedlessly on with a deal that cannot win the support of her executive, to say nothing of the legislature, or returning to Brussels to beg for more concessions. Neither path looks likely to generate a happy outcome.

Patrick Maguire is the New Statesman's political correspondent.

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