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Press Release: Newswire Now: Brian Whitaker replaces Robust Journalism with Sun’s Tabloid

London, 20-01-2018 – Newswire Now Service (NWN) rejects Brian Whitaker’s sensationalist Journalism w..

London, 20-01-2018 – Newswire Now Service (NWN) rejects Brian Whitaker’s sensationalist Journalism which has targeted our new media service during its pilot stage.” Whitaker published a defamatory article titled, “How a Palestine activist became chief of ‘Fox News'” focusing on our news distribution in a factually inaccurate, biased and a ‘sexed-up’ story.

Whitaker’s adopted a lazy journalism style that did not bother to contact us to obtain the other, truthful, side of the story. The article failed to provide our views and subsequently provided unfair coverage and an unjust conclusion.

For a veteran journalist like Whitaker, failing to reach out to all sides of the story raises questions about both the veracity and accuracy of his Journalism.

NWN reached out to Brian Whitaker and asked for its account and views to be included, yet the journalist declined our request. He unprofessionally suggested that we comment on his article in the public comment section, which practically has no Journalistic value. NWN considers Brian’s refusal to be censorship and indicative of possible agendas behind his unconstructive attacks. Brian was caught out in an act of censorship against respected Irish journalist David Cronin due to his pro Palestinian views.

Our Newswire Now Service (NWN) is a project in the making, working to establish a network of news websites. Our work commenced in October 2017. Two months later, NWN started its pilot stage to test the service and evaluate the work. The concept of NWN is to simply provide organisations, companies, campaigns and individuals with a tool to publicize their content and broaden their readership and audience base.

NWN relied on a simple concept of news gathering through RSS (with ideas like MSN and other websites) feeds from media outlets and generating original contents from contributors and writers with a special focus on citizen journalism. Content will also include press releases, petitions and other content provided by Editors in charge of network websites worldwide. Our service will also work in partnership/subscription with several US and UK distribution services to widen the scope of its reach. NWN will provide an open door policy of “Corporate Social Responsibility” where good and just causes will have the chance for unlimited distribution to their readers.

Response to Brian’s Tabloid Article:

Brian Whitaker stated, “Habeeb’s version of Fox News has no connection with Donald Trump’s favourite American TV station, and the rest of his media empire is not quite what it seems either. He created it in a single day – November 22 last year – by registering no fewer than 17 websites with names that sound like newspapers or TV channels. His websites churn out lots of news every day but almost all of it has already appeared somewhere else. On Saturday morning, for instance, three of the four top stories on Fox News 24 were reproduced from Russia’s RT and the other one came from CNN (but with its first sentence missing).”

The words and description of events in the paragraph above is misleading and an apparent attempt to show NWN and editor, Mr. Habeeb committing an “illegal act”. However, there is nothing wrong in establishing unlimited number of websites that sound like “newspapers or TV channels” as far as there is no violation of other trademarks. Brian has also failed to mention in this paragraph that we name our sources and provide a link within each republished article.

Another part of Whitaker’s biased journalism goes on:

“Thirty-two-year-old Habeeb, who lives in Britain, formerly edited an online newspaper called the Palestine Telegraph and is currently head of media and public relations for the Palestinian Return Centre. His Palestine-related activities have often drawn him into controversy.”

A veteran journalist like Whitaker must do a basic fact check and provide sources for his claim. He argues that Mr. Habeeb “was” drawn into controversy due to his pro Palestine work. He buys into unfounded claims of Israeli lobby websites and blogs which have been attacking Habeeb for his views for years. He did not bother to name his sources or their (dubious)credibility.

He further added, “A company called London & Mayfair Estate Agents occupies the same hole in the ground, according to its website. That company, which was set up in March last year, is jointly owned by Habeeb

HalfTruth and Misleading Presumptions

Sadly, this is another instance of how Brain’s work has descended to low levels where he brings to his stories any information including worthless ideas. He brought in the private business of Mr. Habeeb and tried to portray it as “Fake” although the company is running and will be contributing by paying HMRC tax. He argued that the company has an old address which now doesn’t exist. The address “(Marble Arch Tower, London, W1H 7AA” which was used at the website used to be a virtual address for many companies until it was demolished. Thousands of companies used this address and when demolished, they used Royal Mail Forwarding services.

Brian’s journalism in the article – which tried to look like investigative Journalism – was sexing up each and every piece of information he found in the public domain and UK Companies House. He also attacked another company which is still in the establishment process, ICRD, and try to imply it is false or it does not exist for simply using a an address provided by famous UK Company, Rapid Formation, at71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ. For Whitaker to ignore these facts and only rely on basic Google search, this reflect “lazy and poor” journalism practise.

He went on issuing vague assumptions about NWN without knowing us or even attempting to seek our view:

“But how can News Wire Now be sure that so many websites will accept them? This is where the 17 websites registered by Habeeb last November – Fox News 24, the Amsterdam Times, Australia News Today, etc, etc – come into the picture. They are all listed by News Wire Now as its media “partners“. The same list includes a further 28 “partner” websites registered on behalf of News Wire Now by the mysterious “Sam A”. Regardless of whether they were registered by Habeeb or “Sam A”, all these “partner” websites have the same IP address.”

The company was initiative by Mr. Sameh Akram Habeeb, a journalist and PR expert; is the registrar for the NWN network websites. His name has been public and he is proud of the concept and considers it a “Promising Idea” Nothing has been mysterious about our project or those are behind it nor our agenda or the future method of work.

The veteran journalist who is keen on Arab culture and politics contradicts himself by first attacking NWN and issuing his own verdict, then confirming that that NWN is still short-lived project that is hard to judge, “News Wire Now hasn’t been operating for very long, so it’s difficult to get a clear picture of its PR activities. At present, though, there’s not much sign of corporate clients queuing up to use its services.” said the article.

Brian lists as few as eight articles and press releases out of more than 100 published for testing purposes and attempts to imply that NWN is providing services for Qatar and Palestine. NWN is clear on publishing any material for any party giving that they are in line of law and don’t violate any regulations or carry ay smearing agenda. NWN’s CSR will always stand for just causes worldwide from Palestine, to Burma, Sri Lanka and will provide free of charge PR services for minorities and vulnerable people.

To sum up, NWN urge Brian Whitaker to adopt basic journalism in his reporting and avoid smearing people and individuals. NWN note the brilliant work of Whitaker where he published robust journalistic pieces about fake human rights activists, bogus journalists and criminals. At the same time, it urges him to be wary of over-generalizing his “investigative” style against good people and pro human rights defenders. Sexing up information for “hot” story tabloid will only damage the reputation of a fine journalist.

NWN is now seeking a legal consultation on possible defamation and smearing in Brian’s article.

About Newswire Now Distribution Service:

News Wire Now (NWN) provides practical solutions for companies, organizations, businesses as well as public sector agencies to promote their Press Releases. Our client’s Press Releases will be syndicated to a wide range of news and financial and media thus they can boost their brand and objectives. NWN PR Distribution will be help you achieve online presence and convey your messages across the web. NWN can offer tailored news distribution services to Media outlets in the UK, Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. We make sure that the key search engines will list your news stories. Our service also give you the chance to get to other News Wire Services in the US to broaden your reach.

For further details visit our website:


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Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša congratulates Donald Trump despite no election result

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša has handed Donald Trump victory in the 2020 United States Presi..

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša has handed Donald Trump victory in the 2020 United States Presidential election, despite no official result being declared.

“Its pretty clear that American people have elected ⁦Donald Trump and Mike Pence for four more years,” Janša tweeted on Wednesday.

Donald Trump declared a premature victory at the White House and described the election process as a “major fraud on our nation”.

The campaign for Democrat candidate Joe Biden has described the bid to stop vote counting as “outrageous, unprecedented and incorrect”, and say they are “ready to deploy” legal teams.

The Slovenian Prime Minister’s tweet generated an immediate response from several MEPs, including German Nicola Beer from Renew Europe Group.

“Donald Trump has his deeply undemocratic, unjustified playbook on elections EU Member States should not play along,” tweeted Beer.

“The European Union, with all Member States, has a duty to show respect for every single vote. Period.”

No other EU leader has issued congratulations or themselves announced a result in the US election.

“While we wait for the election result, the EU remains ready to continue building a strong transatlantic partnership, based on our shared values and history,” said EU Vice-President Josep Borrell.

The electoral college votes have not all been counted at time of writing.

Read from source

“More delays and facts denying … [the] bigger the final triumph for the President. Congratulations ⁦to the Republican Party for strong results across the US”.

The US election is currently locked in a stalemate, with hundreds of thousands of votes still to be counted, and the outcome still unclear in key states.

The post Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša congratulates Donald Trump despite no election result first appeared on NewswireNow – A Press Release Publishing Service.

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Lessons for Africa from devastating Mauritius oil spill

The shipwreck of the MV Wakashio has caused one of Mauritiuss worst environmental catastrophes and i..

The shipwreck of the MV Wakashio has caused one of Mauritiuss worst environmental catastrophes and its devastating impact is expected to last for decades. Over 1 000 tonnes of fuel oil leaked into pristine Mauritian waters, covering the nearby shore in toxic sludge and immersing the ecosystem in a desperate struggle for survival.

This environmental crisis couldnt have occurred at a worse time for Mauritius. The spill will seriously impede the recovery of a Mauritian economy highly dependent on coastal tourism and already battered by COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Mauritius and other African states need to promptly review their contingency strategies and response capacities so we can start positing immediate lessons to be learnt.

The national and international response to the MV Wakashio crisis was commendable. France, India, Japan and the International Maritime Organization cooperated to support local Mauritian efforts in a race against time to pump out the fuel from the vessel, which eventually broke apart on 15 August. Meanwhile local volunteers flocked to the shore with improvised booms and barriers.

Mauritius and other African states need to urgently review their contingency strategies

While a full investigation and report is urgently required, it is possible to start piecing together a narrative of what has occurred and how it turned so bad so quickly.

The MV Wakashio left China on 14 July heading for Brazil. On 25 July it ran aground on the reefs located roughly a mile off Pointe dEsny and the Blue Bay Marine Park along the south-eastern shore of Mauritius. No oil leakage was reported at the time, and the Mauritius coast guard swiftly deployed booms and took other preventive actions. The government activated its National Oil Spill Contingency Plan the following day.

By 5 August a minor oil slick was observed surrounding the vessel. It was still assumed that the countrys contingency plan was sufficient and that the risk of oil spill was still low. But then the MV Wakashio flooded and began sinking. Oil started to spill into the sea.

On 7 August Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth declared a national environment emergency. Fisheries Minister Sudheer Maudhoo suggested that this is the first time that we are faced with a catastrophe of this kind and we are insufficiently equipped to handle this problem. Mauritius called for international help once the scale of the emergency became apparent and quickly overwhelmed the resources and capacity of the countrys national contingency plan.

The disaster demonstrates how even seemingly small oil leaks and spills can be devastating

Some of these resources were acquired as part of the Western Indian Ocean Marine Highway Development and Coastal and Marine Contamination Prevention project from 2007-2012. The project also called for the establishment of the Regional Marine Pollution Co-ordination Centre (RCC) for Marine Pollution Preparedness and Response in the Western Indian Ocean.

South Africa will host the RCC, and its establishment must now be expedited. The disaster demonstrates how even seemingly small oil leaks and spills can be devastating, especially when they occur in sensitive and critically important environmental areas.

Will other African countries and regional organisations develop sufficient capacity to respond to crises on the scale of the MV Wakashio without depending on international assistance? There is a great risk of oil spills and leaks occurring elsewhere in the African maritime domain in the future, especially spills that occur during bunkering.

The Cape of Good Hope route is a maritime super highway. Some countries, like South Africa, are able to swiftly respond on their own, as demonstrated in May when the potential wreck of the Yuan Hua Hu, also carrying 4 000 tonnes of fuel oil, was narrowly averted.

Theres a great risk of oil spills occurring elsewhere in Africa, especially during bunkering

Many countries such as Mauritius lack at least some of the resources or capacities needed to deal with such a disaster. Governments require up-to-date assessments to plan future responses. Better and more collective resources and skills at a regional or continental level are required.

Improved accountability mechanisms are also important. The Japanese owners of the MV Wakashio have offered, under international obligations, to pay compensation for applicable damages caused by the oil spill. Yet in other cases it might not be as easy to track the owners and determine liability (as can be seen in the investigation into the tragic Beirut port explosion of 4 August).

It is time for African maritime institutions to review their approaches and develop appropriate expertise and response mechanisms. This should ensure fast and effective regional or continental action when the inevitable oil leaks arise.

The results should be reported to key multilateral organisations – ideally to the African Union (AU) – as part of the implementation of 2050 Africas Integrated Maritime Strategy. The AU could, for instance, convene a consultative forum for experience and skills sharing with inputs from all the regional economic communities such as that hosted by the Southern African Development Community in 2018.

Disaster relief is expensive, but is nowhere near as controversial as other maritime issues such as creating security frameworks and determining boundaries. It can also foster collaboration anchored in regional AU institutions that draw on indigenous expertise and capacities.

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More than 100 children killed and injured as violence intensifies in Ituri, DRC – Save the Children

Kinshasa, August 13 – At least 83 children have been killed in the northern province of Ituri in the..

Kinshasa, August 13 – At least 83 children have been killed in the northern province of Ituri in the Democratic Republic of Congo between April and July. Save the Children is horrified by the recent escalation of extreme violence, in which also at least 17 children were injured and 12 were sexually abused.

In the same period, around sixty schools were attacked, and 17 health facilities – two of which were supported but the charity.

“The situation for children is getting worse by the day, in a conflict they should not have a part in. We need to ensure children can return to school, that they and their families can go to health facilities if they need to, and that they are protected”, said Malik Allaouna, Save the Children country director in DRC.

“We need more resources, and call upon the international community and the Government of DRC to help alleviate the suffering of these children. We are asking all involved parties to grant unhindered access to humanitarian workers, so they can support those who are most in need.”

Since January 2020, the situation in Ituri has deteriorated significantly in the Djugu, Irumu and Mahagi territories. At least 1,315 people were killed, including 165 children. An estimated 300,000 people have been displaced since January, adding pressure to the situation in Ituri, which already hosted over 1.2 million Internal displaced people in 2019.

“Children who had to flee from the violence told us they had to leave everything behind because militias came into the area of Djugu. Suddenly, they found themselves homeless and without any food, having to sleep in schools”, said Dr Macky Manseka, Humanitarian Health and Nutrition Programme Manager at Save the Children.

Save the Children, which has been responding to this crisis for over a year, warns that displaced populations do not have access to enough food. Communities are also lacking health and nutrition services, clean and safe water and hygiene materials, as areas become increasingly cut off by violence and resources are in low supply.

“For example, there were more than 235 new cases of severe acute malnutrition in July 2020”, Dr. Manseka continued. “But because of the violence, we cant follow-up properly on sick or malnourished children. As a consequence, their treatment is disrupted, which might lead to relapses or even deaths.”


Note to editors:

Save the Children supports 17 health facilities, and runs programmes in support of survivors of sexual and gender based violence. It has a strong presence in the field of nutrition, and water, hygiene and sanitation. The organisation is also running education programmes in Ituri, and working to improve access to education for girls.

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