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Academic Study Claims Video Games Harm Women And LGBT People With Technomasculinity

An academic study published by a University of Idaho associate professor claims that video games and..

An academic study published by a University of Idaho associate professor claims that video games and the gaming industry perpetuate “technomasculinity,” which is potentially harmful to women and LGBTQ people.

Robin Johnson, the Director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Idaho, interviewed 20 game developers for his study, which asserts that “technomasculinity associates men with advanced computer proficiency, and it is one part of a structure of hegemonic masculinity,” according to the abstract.

Bros gaming/ Shutterstock

In an interview with PJ Media, Johnson described technomasculinity as “an expression of masculinity that is oriented toward the mastery of technology and skilled use of technological tools and systems.”

He went on to explain that “gender is socially organized in the West in a hierarchized binary differentiating men and women along supposedly natural or biological masculine and feminine traits,” and that “the association between technology, masculinity, and what we think of as skilled work is still fundamental to the gendered division of labor.”

The study is included in the larger series of essays entitled “Masculinities in Play“, which endeavors to “[address] the persistent and frequently toxic associations between masculinity and games,” and to “[explore] many of the critical issues in contemporary studies of masculinity―including issues of fatherhood, homoeroticism, eSports, fan cultures, and militarism―and their intersections with digital games, the contexts of their play, and the social futures associated with sustained involvement in gaming cultures.”

Scarborough, UK - April 08, 2017: Cosplayer dressed as 'Princess Zelda' from the 'Legend of Zelda' video games poses during a cosplay competition at Sci-Fi Scarborough.

Scarborough, UK – April 08, 2017: Cosplayer dressed as Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda video games poses during a cosplay competition at Sci-Fi Scarborough.

In the introductory essay, “Masculinity and Gaming: Mediated Masculinities in Play”, North Carolina State University professor Nicholas Taylor and University of Ontario professor Gerald Voorhees ask:

What is our responsibility as scholars of masculinity and games in the contemporary movement—which is to say, a time when the most pernicious, reactionary, and destructive expressions of straight white masculinity stalk the highest political office in the United States, and where the path to a mythic greatness is to double down on patriarchys deep-seated investments in environmental, economic, and racial subjugation?

It is tempting to say games—and game studies—seem trivial in such a time of crisis and upheaval. But to do so would ignore the inextricable and numerous ways in which games have historically served (and continue to serve) neo-colonial white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

The book is part of a three-volume series entitled “Palgrave Games in Context“, published October by Palgrave Macmillan. The other volumes are “Feminism in Play” and “Queerness in Play”, and include scholarly essays with titles such as “Not So Straight Shooters: Queering the Cyborg Body in Masculinized Gaming“, “From Sirens to Cyborgs: The Media Politics of the Female Voice in Games and Game Cultures” and “What If Zelda Wasnt a Girl? Problematizing Ocarina of Times Great Gender Debate“.

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‘I’m not ready for it to end’: Growing up with Game Of Thrones

By Tom Acres, news reporter

“Winter is coming,” uttered Ned Stark, warning of a seemingly impendin..

By Tom Acres, news reporter

"Winter is coming," uttered Ned Stark, warning of a seemingly impending doom that could change the future of Westeros before audiences had even had much of a chance to get a sense for its present.

Amid all the introductions to the then relatively carefree lives of the characters of Game Of Thrones, it was a bleak hint to those who tuned into the debut episode more than eight years ago that things would soon take a turn for the worse.

Image: Ned Stark's death was one of the first shocking moments of the entire show. Pic: HBO/ Sky Atlantic

But, with sixth form in full flow and still somewhat embarrassingly untrusted with the Sky box PIN required to open my eyes to a world of brutal murder and little modesty, my focus was instead firmly placed on a different – if not similarly menacing – warning: "Exams are coming."

Growing up in a household that required me to make covert visits to a friend to sample the new Grand Theft Auto or other such adult entertainment (sorry, Mum, sometimes it wasn't actually homework), Thrones meant the living room door was kept firmly shut each Monday evening to ensure my younger sister and I were not too easily exposed to the horrors of beheadings and brothels.

"But look how young that girl looks," my sister would likely have thought of Arya Stark, wondering why she was deemed unsuited to watching a show that starred a girl even fresher-faced than the both of us.


Sophie Turner dodges spoilers in GOT
Stars expertly dodge Game Of Thrones spoilers

Thankfully, once those final school exams were out of the way (German being the Red Wedding of the bunch), university was on the horizon and freedom with it.

Looking back, student hall discussions without Thrones seems akin to Laurel without Hardy, but unlike other university topics of conversation ("How many jaegerbombs was it last night?", "What do you mean the essay is due tomorrow?!"), the goings-on in the Seven Kingdoms has remained the perfect small talk.

More from Game Of Thrones

David Bradley as Walder Frey
Image: Walder Frey – the man responsible for the Red Wedding. Pic: HBO/ Sky Atlantic

Several years and thousands of deaths later, Thrones is a fixture of family dinners, catch-ups with friends and office chit-chat whenever it returns to our screens. (more…)

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Kim Kardashian West ‘names baby Psalm West’

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West and her musician husband Kanye West appear to have named their n..

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West and her musician husband Kanye West appear to have named their new child Psalm.

The trainee-lawyer posted a picture of the child, who was born via a surrogate, with the caption "Psalm West".

The photo appeared to be accompanied by comments from Kanye, saying: "Beautiful Mother's Day. With the arrival of our fourth child. We are blessed beyond measure. We have everything we need."

Perhaps following in the footsteps of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who did not announce the name of their newborn on the same day as the birth, the Kardashian West family waited a week before revealing their fourth child's name.

The birth had been announced on 10 May when she wrote: "He's here and he's perfect!"


She added that the baby looked like another of her childrenRead More – Source

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Freddie Starrs wife Sophie Lea tried to kill herself after abuse and split from comedian to protect her son

Sophie has opened up after her husbands death (Picture: Getty Images)
Freddie Starrs wife Sophie Lea..

Sophie has opened up after her husbands death (Picture: Getty Images)

Freddie Starrs wife Sophie Lea has said she tried to kill herself after suffering abuse at the hands of her late husband.

The now 38-year-old, who was married to the comedian for two years, said she drove herself to the hospital after slitting her own wrists.

She said: I would have much rather been hit than have to deal with the constant cruel words. He told me I was ­worthless, that I was absolutely nothing. He was massively paranoid.

Sophie claimed the actor stopped her from leaving the house, and prevented her from speaking to her son Elliott unless he was present in case they sent messages via their eyes.

It was hellish. Its hard to describe in its entirety of how bad it was, she recalled. Mentally I was in a mess. I eventually had a breakdown. I was suicidal. I was also self-harming, cutting my arms and legs.



She added to the Mirror: He also said, “Go and get me a knife and Ill f*****g do it properly for you.” I ended up thinking, “F**k you, youre not doing it” and went and slit my wrist…I wrapped it up and drove myself to hospital.

Editorial use only Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ken McKay/REX/Shutterstock (1909049ac) Freddie Starr and Sophie Lea 'This Morning' TV Programme, London, Britain - 10 Oct 2012 Freddie Starr Answers the Allegations - In his first sit-down interview since allegations of fondling 14-year-old Karin Ward, Freddie Starr speaks out. He joins us with his fianc?e, Sophie Lea
The pair separated in 2015 but never divorced (Picture: Rex Features)

Describing it as a genuine attempt to take my own life, she claimed she split from Freddie to protect her son, who was 14 at the time.

Freddie died from a heart attack last week aged 76. (more…)

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