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Disneyland Magic Kingdom shows off all the vegan dishes in their new menu

(Picture: Disney)
Disneyland is the stuff of dreams. And now those who are lucky enough to experienc..

(Picture: Disney)

Disneyland is the stuff of dreams. And now those who are lucky enough to experience it will have a wide range of dining options.

Disneys Magic Kingdom in Florida is now catering to vegans as it launches a plant-based pamphlet showing off all its latest additions to the menu.

The menu boasts vegan alternatives to Sloppy Joes, hamburgers, and introduces the Southwest cheeseburger.

Lucky customers can choose from a range of animal-free mains and desserts which are highlighted in the pamphlet in green.

The leaflet covers all the areas of the park which have establishments that serve the stuff, including Fantasyland, Liberty Square, Tomorrowland, and more.

So whichever part of the massive dreamland youre on, you can eat up between continuing your journey.

Plant-based pamphlet at Disney Picture: Disney
(Picture: Disney)

The move from Disneyland Magic Kingdom comes after animal rights charity PETA named it the most vegan-friendly amusement park.

Across the park, there are many meat, egg, and dairy-free options and all popcorn and pretzels in every corner is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.



One of the areas, Adventureland, has vegan items such as Perkins Thai noodles, Shiriki noodle salad, and curried vegetable crew stew.

The vegan Sloppy Joe will be made with a tomato-based sauce and mustard slaw.

One of the desserts youll find available is the Peter Pan Float – a frozen key lime dish with Sprite.

The handy guide also informs customers whether the restaurant is a quick service (QSR), table service (TSR) and if the food is for breakfast (B), lunch (L), or dinner (D).

Visitors can pick the pamphlet in any of the kiosks.

So rejoice, vegans and those who are into delicious ethical food, there are morRead More – Source

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Prepare yourself for cuddles, theres a chihuahua café coming to London

You can bring your own or simply cuddle up to other peoples dogs – just ask first (Picture: Pug Cafe..

You can bring your own or simply cuddle up to other peoples dogs – just ask first (Picture: Pug Cafe)

Two years ago, we were blessed with the opportunity to snuggle up to pooches as the pug pop-up cafe arrived.

A year later, sausage dogs took centre stage.

While we love and cherish all dogs, because they are amazing, were excited to announce that there is a cafe launching in London to celebrate the diva of all dogs: the chihuahua.

The one-day event will take place on Sunday 21 July at The Happenstance in St Pauls, and organisers are promising all things Chi.

Therell be pupcakes, dognuts, barkscotti and pawsecco for the pooches, and each chihuahua will also be treated to a free pupuccino.

Humans will have plenty to enjoy too, with the Happenstances regular menu available, featuring brunch classics, cake and cocktails.

Chihuahua looking glorious as she sits next to her pink cocktail
The diva of dogs (Picture: Pug Cafe)

Organisers Pug Cafe have joined up with dog grooming brand Pet Teezer for the occasion and the first 200 chihuahua owners will receive a free brush worth £10.



Ticket sales launched at 10am today (15 June) and cost £10 for dog owners and £14 for dog lovers.

Yes, that means you can go along and stroke puppies even if you dont have one of your own.

More: Food

We anticipate this event will be just as popular as previous ones, so if you want a ticket you better hurry.

Theres also a chance Paris Hilton shows up, given the billionaire heRead More – Source

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These sex themed birthday cakes are certainly NSFW

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that ..

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video

A US bakery has become infamous for its sexually explicit and hilarious cakes.

Le Bakery Sensual in Denver, Colorado, has built a reputation for baking anything, as long as its not malicious.

It was launched in 1981 by John Spotz, 56, who said: Were all experts in making genitalia in icing, breasts, vaginas…penises, scrotums, assholes, all that fun stuff.

A detailed penis or labia only takes me about five minutes. Ive been making those for scarily close to four decades.



Usually, the cakes go down really well – but recently there was a bit of a mishap over a womans bum.

John said: Recently a woman ordered a cake for her boyfriend, she wanted us to create a likeness of her, naked on a stripper pole, with a dollar bill and a big marijuana joint.

The bakery has made some NSFW cakes (Picture: John Spotz / SWNS)

To speak bluntly her butt was gigantic. The biggest butt youve ever seen on a human being, and she said “dont forget to make my butt look big”, and I said “oh, I noticed already.”

As it turned out she didnt know her boyfriend as well as she thought she did, he called in furious, complaining about how “disgusting and offensive” the cake was.

She called later and asked us to tell a white lie – we had to pretend wed got the order wrong, when actually wed made exactly what shed asked for.

A woman's body in cake form
Theyre pretty risky… (Picture: John Spotz / SWNS)

She paid us for the cake and the boyfriend was pacified. We all had a laugh about that one.

Sometimes it gets political at Le Bakery Sensual – and theyve been featured in cake dispute articles related to gay marriage several times in their 38-year run.

Journalists call us to get the more liberal or comical view, weve had everyone from Newsweek, CBS News and Vice on the phone, said John.

During the last election I was asked to make a cake of Hillary Clinton in prison, which was pretty funny, because Im the biggest Hilary Clinton fan ever.

The cake the woman had asked for, but her husband hated it
The one with the big butt… (Picture: John Spotz / SWNS)

But I decided that I would do it, and put a lot of effort into it.



I really went to town on the details, her pantsuit was a work of art on that one, the hair, everything.

The detail is what we love, when people ask for really specific things thats the most fun for us.

We got an award from Playgirl magazine about ten years ago for the “most realistic semen” at an erotic bakery in the USA.

A dominatrix cake
The cakes are pretty controversial (Picture: John Spotz / SWNS)

We get a lot of requests for jokes about what a person is like in bed, theyll usually bring a few photographs, so we can achieve a likeness.

One of our most glorious cakes was for a fetish ball, it was a life-sized, hog-tied man in a leather harness and ropes, plenty of genitalia on show.

It took four people to get iRead More – Source

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Whats actually in the vegan KFC Imposter Burger?

Whats in it? (Picture: KFC)
You read correctly.

On Thursday KFC announced they are launching their ..

Whats in it? (Picture: KFC)

You read correctly.

On Thursday KFC announced they are launching their vegan chicken burger, The Imposter, in the UK this summer and while it might be welcome news to the non-meat eating brigade, what exactly is in the new burger?

The Imposter Burger will be trialed for four weeks from 17 June in London, Bristol and the Midlands.

Since it was founded in 1952, Kentucky Fried Chicken has sold fried chicken under a heavily guarded secret herb recipe.

While we cant give you the secret to their success, we can give you a more nutritional guide to the new burger.

So what exactly is in The Imposter burger? Could it be just beans, potato and other veggies crammed into a patty and deep fried with the added herbs that made the chicken a household name?

KFC vegan chicken - embargoed until 6am
Quorn and vegan mayo make it suitable for vegans and vegetarians (Pictures: Getty/KFC)

Well, what we can tell you is that the main protein was confirmed to be made from Quorn that, according to them, does the Colonels recipe justice.



Similar to when Greggs teamed up with the plant-based food manufacturer to create the vegan sausage roll, Quorn has developed the fillet with KFC.

Nutritionally, however, there doesnt seem to be much of a difference with The Imposter Burger and the regular Chicken Fillet burger.

First of all, calories. The chicken fillet burger has 457 calories and the Imposter has fewer at 450 calories.

The regular chicken fillet burger has almost 30g of protein and 45g of carbs with the fat remaining quite close at 19.3g. The amount of sugars in a fillet burger is 5.5g with 2g of salt..

The vegan Imposter filet has much less protein at 18.8g, but has more in carbohydrates at 52.9g.

The amount of fat it has is not far from the original at 19.1g with less sugar at 4.8g and almost a gram more salt at 2.91g.

The burger will be served with a fresh iceberg lettuce and creamy vegan mayo complete the meat-free masterpiece, which is all housed in a soft glazed bun, and the fillet is seasoned to KFC perfeRead More – Source

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