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Hollyoaks spoilers: Jonny rips Ste Hay away from his family in far right racism twist tonight

(Picture: Lime Pictures)
Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) has been groomed and caught in a trap of the wo..

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) has been groomed and caught in a trap of the worst kind as he continues to fall deeper under the spell of far right racist extremists Jonny (Ray Quinn) and Stuart (Chris Simmons) – and its set to get worse in Hollyoaks tonight.

Following the riot triggered by Stes impromptu march which unsettled Stuart as he thought Jonny was losing control of him, Ste has been removed from the gang. And through the week, Jonny sets a test for Ste to prove his loyalty to Stuart and get the message across that he is primed and ready to be a part of the gang – and ripped apart from his helpless family for good.

Desperate to impress the man he believes is his brother, Ste looks set to do anything and by the end of the week, the gulf between him and all thats good about him will be wider than ever.



Discussing the weeks events and how they come to pass, Ray told when we caught up with him: Ste has done something he wasnt told to do – he has let the group down big time. Stuart flipped his lid; this cool, charming, sophisticated man turned into this monster.

He accused Ste of making them look like a bunch of thugs – but thats what they are! It wouldnt be hard to say that they know this was going to happen – this could have been the plan all along. Its worked in their favour. As long they have an eye on everything, they find a way to use everything to their advantage and can manipulate every situation.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

When Stuart lost it, he blamed Jonny. Stuart took Jonny in after jail and showed him loyalty and trust and family – so now this has happened, Jonny feels he has to prove himself. That man is everything to him, he does all his dirty work. The thought of Stuart turning on him is absolutely terrifying – its unthinkable. Its clear that Jonny has been groomed into the far right movement by Stuart in the same way that Ste has been by Jonny and Ray confirmed that the backstory of his character and how he came to fall under this spell will be explored.

Based on discussions Ive had about Jonnys backstory, Jonny has a similar motivation to Ste, the actor told us. Hes been hurt and wants to do what he thinks is right. But Jonny is way further down the line and way too deep to ever escape from this.



As the dust settles and the residents reel from the events of the riot, Stes only interest is getting back in with the gang. And Ray reckons that a lot of that is to do with him seeing Jonny as kin. But as Peri and Leela set out to take a DNA test, how would things change is Ste were to discover the truth?

Ray reveals that Jonny has already planned that eventuality.

He revealed: Ste is Jonnys prodigy – and he needs to succeed in this at all costs. As for as Ste is aware, Jonny is family – the older brother he always wanted to be a bit of a lad with him and be in stuff together. Stes had a lot of problems so he has been crying out for this figure to guide him. Jonny offers himRead More – Source




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James Bonds still got the moves as Daniel Craig plants kiss on Lea Seydoux in intimate No Time To Die scene

Well this is all very g-rated (Picture: The Mega Agency)
In what is expected to be his final outing ..

Well this is all very g-rated (Picture: The Mega Agency)

In what is expected to be his final outing at 007, Daniel Craig has been seen planting a rather polite kiss on co-star Lea Seydoux as they continue filming the latest James Bond film, No Time To Die.

Polite for James Bond, anyway – but wheres the passion weve come to love?

As production steamrolls ahead in Italy on the 25th offering of the titular character – directed by Cary Fukunaga – the actors were seen getting to grips with one another in an intimate scene shot over the weekend.

Dressed casually, Lea (who plays Dr Madeleine Swann) wore a red and white sundress, while Daniel went cool and collected in a blue jacket and trousers, as they kissed on stone steps.

The 007 actor placed a hand on his co-stars shoulders, as they locked lips.

But with the character known for his passion and steamy embraces with the women of Bond, its a little G-rated, we have to say.

Daniel Craig shares a kiss and embrace with French co-star Lea Seydoux
The two shared a laugh during scenes (Picture: The Mega Agency)

While many have been left wondering whether the hiring of Fleabags Phoebe-Waller Bridge might bring an end to the arguably womanising ways of the spy, shes insisted thats not the case.



Hes just evolving.

Daniel Craig
Daniel was covered in blood last week (Picture: MEGA)

It has just got to evolve, and the important thing is that the film treats the women properly. He doesnt have to, she previously said of the character, after being hired to work on the script.

He needs to be true to this character.

Last week Daniel was seen on set sporting a blood-splattered face, hinting old mate Bond is still getting himself into the wars, despite retiring to Jamaica at the end of the last film, Spectre. Hes definitely not living the quieter life, by the look of things.

The 51-year-old is helming the flick and looked cool as a cucumber as he emerged on set, with a pair of black sunglasses and his hands on his hips.

More: James Bond

He was later seen blowing up graves in further explosive scenes, only piquing our interest to the next instalment even more.

Bring on next year, we say!

Read More – Source

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Jojo Rabbits Taika Waititi & Cast On Making An Anti-Hate Satire In Current Political Climate – Toronto Studio

“Nazis werent cool when I wrote it,” joked Jojo Rabbit filmmaker Taika Waititi about making and rele..

“Nazis werent cool when I wrote it,” joked Jojo Rabbit filmmaker Taika Waititi about making and releasing his Adolf Hitler comedy in the current divided political climate, one where white supremacists have become some of President Donald Trumps more ardent supporters.

“People werent into this sh*t when I wrote it, and now its just developed and suddenly weirdly relevant,” says Waititi, who was first turned on to Christine Leunens novel Caging Skies by his mother some years ago.

The film follows a young German boy, Jojo Betzler (Roman Griffin Davis), who is a devotee of the Hitler youth, so much that his imaginary friend is a funny Fuhrer (Waititi). Jojos mother, Rosie (Scarlett Johansson), is harboring a Jewish fugitive (Thomasin McKenzie) which challenges the boys brainwashed beliefs.

No, Jojo Rabbit isnt Oliver Hirschbiegels Downfall. Its a movie about finding humanity in chaos, and the decimation of stereotypes, with Waititis sense of humor woven in. Critics were divided coming out of TIFF, believing that Waititi was joking too close to the fire, but festival audiences disagreed today, bestowing their Oscar Best Picture bellwether, the Grolsch Peoples Choice Award, upon Jojo Rabbit; an award won by such films as Green Book, The Kings Speech, 12 Years a Slave and American Beauty which found themselves months later with awards seasons top prize.

As Deadlines awards guru Pete Hammond reported, the reception for Jojo Rabbit at it TIFF world premiere was rapturous. Word of mouth will be this pics best friend when it opens limited from Fox Searchlight (under its new parent Disney) on October 18.

Says McKenzie on how Jojo Rabbit organically wags a finger at the current climate, “That happens quite a lot, I find, where films come out and they weirdly reflect or are like a mirror to whats actually going on in the real world. Which is why, for me, film is such an important medium. Because people are able to see things from a different perspective, and think about them in a different way. So in that kind of way, film is such an amazing piece of magic or treasure that is really valuable.”

When it comes to playing Hitler, Waititi says, “I didnt feel that uncomfortable, other than having to see myself in a mirror. But apart from that, I donRead More – Source

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Phyllis Newman Dies: Tony-Winning Broadway Legend Was 86

Phyllis Newman, known for her Tony Award-winning role as the bath towel-clad Martha Vail in the musi..

Phyllis Newman, known for her Tony Award-winning role as the bath towel-clad Martha Vail in the musical Subways Are for Sleeping, has died. The star of stage and screen was 86.

The news was announced by her son Adam Green, a theater critic for Vogue, via Twitter. “My sister @amanda_green and I had to say goodbye to our beautiful mother today,” he tweeted. “Ill miss her more than I can say.”

In addition to Subways Are for Sleeping, Newman appeared in numerous Broadway productions including Bells Are Ringing, The Apple Tree, On the Town, The Prisoner of Second Avenue, Awake and Sing, Wish You Were Here and First Impressions. She also had her one-woman musical The Madwoman of Central Park West which was co-written by her and Arthur Laurents. She also received a Tony nom for her performance in Neil Simons Broadway Bound.

She received a Drama Desk nomination for her starring performance in the Off Broadway production of James Lapines The Moment When… Her other Off Broadway credits include Nicky Silvers The Food Chain, the Naked Angels production of Shyster as well as the revival of A Majority of One.

She had multiple appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show and was the first woman to host The Johnny Carson Show. Her other TV credits include 100 Centre Street, Oz, Murder, She Wrote, thirtysomething and The Jury.

On the film side, she appeared in numerous features including The Human Stain, It Had To Be You, For the Time Being, Fish in the Bathtub, A Price Above Rubies, The Beautician and the Beast, Only You, ManneqRead More – Source

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