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25 soap spoilers: Emmerdale Maya exit, EastEnders kidnap, Coronation Street murder, Hollyoaks dead body

(Picture: BBC/Lime Pictures/ITV)
Comeuppances could be on the way for soap villains as Maya Stepney ..

(Picture: BBC/Lime Pictures/ITV)

Comeuppances could be on the way for soap villains as Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) faces her day in court in Emmerdale while killer Gary Windass (Mikey North) fears he will die as Rick Neelan (Greg Wood) lures him into a trap in Coronation Street.

In EastEnders, its Bobby Beale who might have to pay the ultimate price as Max Branning (Jake Wood) loses it with him while Breda McQueen (Moya Brody) faces being unmasked as a murderer as the body of Louis could be unearthed.

And there are more spoilers on top of that with a kidnap, a baby shock, some bad news, some love hope, revenge acts, a missing child, a seductive minx, a hotel rendezvous, a family secret, a marriage proposal and a liar unmasked.

Coronation Street

Adam and Sarah kiss in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

1. Sarah and Adam sneak off to a hotel together for some passion but as they get intimate, Adam makes one jibe too far about Gary that causes them to have a row. Meanwhile, Bethany is shocked by her mums new romance.



2. Roy returns from his trip and admits to Brian that he thinks his mum Sylvia had been having an affair. As he and Wayne look deeper into it, Roy meets someone who shows Sylvias letters of love to her other man, which gives Roy mixed emotions.

Robert in Michelle in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

3. Robert is hiding something from Michelle but while he raises suspicions with his odd behaviour, he also plans a surprise party where he gets down on one knee and proposes to her. But will she accept?

4. After thinking that Sarah has been kidnapped by Rick, Gary races to the rescue but Rick has led him into a trap in the woods. As Gary faces a shallow grave, Rick overpowers him and the pair are involved in a violent struggle.

5. Sinead is worried as she heads for her MRI scan to see if her treatment has worked and when she comes home to see Beth showing off her pictures of Bertie, she is overcome with emotion and rushes out.

6. Claudia engages in a noise war with the Bailey family while Ed and Ken despair and keep out of the way.


Keanu gets a shock in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

7. Phil tries to make it up to Sharon for giving away her baby news but later he opens up to Mick about becoming a dad again. Later, Louise cant keep it to herself anymore and drops the bombshell on a stunned Keanu.

8. Bobby is struggling to fit back in at home and Kathy worries for him. Later, while he is out, a horrified Max spots him and is incensed before then giving chase and bursting into his home. Ben comes in to see a furious Max looming over Bobby.



9. With Jean ill, Stacey has no option but to let Kat look after Arthur at the park and when Arthur asks Kush to stay, he cant resist. When Martin and Stacey find out, they race over but Kush leaves them in shock with what he says.

Linda speaks with Karen in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

10. Mick and Linda get the bad news that Ollies consultation wont be for several months and as Linda tries to get support from a distracted Karen, she ends up offended. But later, Mick gets some words of advice on the matter.

11. Keanu tells Sharon that they need to come clean about their affair and she is horrified to come home to find him sitting with Phil and Louise. Later, Keanu wakes up chained up having been kidnapped. Will Phil have his revenge.

12. Bernie is delighted when she makes a connection with someone on dating app.

13. Tiffany gets a shock when she recognises a lad in a gang while she is out with Keegan.


Maya opens up to Jacob in Emmerdale

14. As the torment on David mounts, Jacob is stunned to learn that his dad is seeing a therapist. Thinking Jacob will never stop supporting Maya, David makes a last ditch attempt to get his son to see what has happened to him.

15. Robert and Aaron deliver posters across the cars in Lees courtyard branding him a rapist but when it gets back to police, Victoria is furious with Robert for his actions and wants nothing more to do with him. Can he convince her that he is there for her?


16. Amy is out with Nate at the playground but is horrified when she realises that Kyle has gone missing. As Kyle ends up letting himself into the garage and putting himself in harms way, Amy and Moira have to leap into action.

17. Maya secretly meets up with Jacob after he defends her from violent schoolgirls and admits her fears about going to prison. As she faces her sentencing, she shares an embrace and kiss with Jacob but will she be heading to jail?

Kim tricks Pete in Emmerdale Read More – Source

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Meghan Markle film: When is Escaping the Palace released?

MEGHAN MARKLE may have left the Royal family, but she and Prince Harry will still be the focus of ma..

MEGHAN MARKLE may have left the Royal family, but she and Prince Harry will still be the focus of many royal-themed movies to come. When is Escaping the Palace released?

Fans have been enthralled by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ever since they stepped onto the scene. Their fairytale meeting, wedding and now domestic bliss has been a fixture of the UK news since their love was made known to the world. Now, the pair will be the subject of a new movie, Escaping the Palace, telling all about their decision to back away from royal life.

When is Escaping the Palace released?

Escaping the Palace will become the third in the Harry and Meghan Lifetime trilogy, from the US channel Lifetime, following Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance, and Harry and Meghan: Becoming Royal.

The movie will be aired on Lifetime, but as very little has been revealed about the film so far.

At the moment, sadly, there is no news on the release date or much information about the movie itself.

What is Escaping the Palace about?

Needless to say, Escaping the Palace will follow the couples decision to step back from royal duties, with the official synopsis explaining how it will follow “the couples controversial conscious uncoupling from the crown, after the birth of their son Archie.”

The synopsis continues: “The movie details the struggles of the new parents and unique challenges of being part of the royal family, which ultimately led Harry and Meghan to give up their royal ties to forge a new life on their own terms.”

Harry and Meghans struggles have been widely publicised, and will likely form a basis of the movies plot, as well as the birth of their son, though more will be made clear when further news comes out.

Who will be in the cast of Escaping the Palace?

At present there is no casting news, but we have some clues in previous movies.

The first in this Harry and Meghan trilogy, A Royal Romance, starred Murray Fraser as Prince Harry and Parisa Fitz-Henley as Meghan.

The 2019 follow up, Becoming Royal, starred Tiffany Smith as Meghan Markle, while Prince Harry was played by Charlie Field.

It may be that either of these pairs reprise their roles, however time will tell as further details are released.

Harry and Meghans departure from the Royal family has been worldwide news, with the pair settling in Los Angeles after they left the UK.

The family have been isolating along with many of us dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, however, this family has very famous friends to help them.

Earlier this year, it was reported the couple were living near Elton John, a close pal who had offered his home in Nice, France as a base for them last year, and has since defended them on several occasions.

Whether Elton John appears in the film is, however, yet to be confirmed.


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Next James Bond odds: Tom Hardy OVERTAKES Richard Madden in race to replace Daniel Craig

NEXT JAMES BOND odds favourite Tom Hardy has overtaken Richard Madden in the race to replace Daniel ..

NEXT JAMES BOND odds favourite Tom Hardy has overtaken Richard Madden in the race to replace Daniel Craig after No Time To Die.

Daniel Craigs fifth and final James Bond movie No Time To Die hits cinemas this November. But after its release producers will begin their search for the next 007. There are a number of stars who are favourites with the bookies and most recently Tom Hardy has seen his odds cut.

According to Coral bookmakers, the Venom stars odds have been slashed from 8-1 to 4-1.

This sees Hardy overtake both Jack Lowden and Richard Madden.

However, McMafias James Norton is still the big favourite on 2-1.

A Coral spokesman said: “Tom Hardy is a real mover in our next James Bond betting and, as a result, he has only James Norton ahead of him now for the role as 007.”

They added: “Hardy ticks all the right boxes, and we think he has to be on the shortlist, at the very least, to replace Daniel Craig.”

Below are the best odds for the next James Bond right now

They include: “2-1 James Norton, 4-1 Tom Hardy, 5-1 Richard Madden, 6-1 Jack Lowden, 8-1 Tom Hiddleston, 8-1 Sam Heughan, 8-1 Michael Fassbender.”

Also: “10-1 Idris Elba, 10-1 Jamie Bell, 12-1 Aidan Turner, 12-1 Cillian Murphy, 12-1 Henry Cavill, 20-1 Henry Golding, 33-1 Tom Ellis, 100-1 Liam Gallagher.”

Earlier this year, James Bond expert and author of new book Quantum of Silliness: The Peculiar World of Bond, Robbie Sims argued: “Idris Elba would be great as Bond.

“I think hes missed the boat unfortunately since hes in his late forties now.

“So if they wanted him to do more than one film, theres a danger hes going to go into A View To Kill territory where hes a lot older than his leading lady.”

Despite his doubts surrounding Elbas chances, Sims reckons Hardy is still within a chance.

The Bond expert added: “Tom Hardy would be alright.

“And if Christopher Nolan got his hands on it, he might want to cast him as theyve worked together before.”

The 007 expert also brought up Superman star Henry Cavill, who lost out to Craig in the final round of auditions for Casino Royale.

Cavill was director Martin Campbells choice but was considered too young for the role being in his early twenties.

Sims said: “Hed be great, but its nice when they go for somebody who isnt already an established star. Im not sure you should have one actor playing two icons, its just too greedy.

“Youve got to get someone whos at least young in the tooth, to begin with.

“It means you can look at the character and not have him tainted by other things.”


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This is how coronavirus has changed the film and TV industry

As countries begin to ease lockdown measures put in place to flatten the COVID-19 curve, film and TV..

As countries begin to ease lockdown measures put in place to flatten the COVID-19 curve, film and TV studios are working out how to get back to the business of show.

  • Australian soap Neighbours restarts production, with social distancing to protect cast and crew.
  • Cinemas closed around the world; revenues could fall by $17 billion by May.
  • Netflix and the straight-to-digital release of Trolls: World Tour have benefited.
  • When cinemas open, social distancing and hygiene measures will be needed.

In Australia, production is resuming on long-running soap opera Neighbours
– with the cast social distancing on set and special camera angles to make characters appear closer together.

The new normal will include having no more than 100 people in any area of filming per day; no intimate scenes; the male actors wont wear make-up, and there will be a nurse on set, Chris Oliver-Taylor, the chief executive of the shows production company Fremantle Australia, told ABC News.

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