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Its National Prosecco Day and these are the best deals for a cheap glass of fizz

People enjoying their free prosecco at Zizzi (photo: Zizzi)
National Prosecco Day is a time to remin..

People enjoying their free prosecco at Zizzi (photo: Zizzi)

National Prosecco Day is a time to remind ourselves that, sometimes, the cheaper alternatives in life really are better.

Give us the well-proportioned elegance of a Big Mac over an awkward gourmet burger that doesnt even fit in your mouth.

Give us a night of ribald banter and £2.50 pints at a Wetherspoons over the stiff formality of a Mayfair private members club.

Give us the Grand Bazaar-esque wonders of the middle aisle at Aldi over the dreary, pedestrian reality of a Tesco Express. And yes, by God, give us prosecco over champagne!

Prosecco become hugely popular in the UK in the post-crash, austerity years. It became a cliche to say that the reason everyone was drinking it was simply because they were too broke for champagne.

While theres probably a kernel of truth to this, prosecco is also just very nice – not to mention being far more drinkable and lighter than champagne.



Nowadays, prosecco has all but achieved supremacy in British culture, rivaled only by gin as the beverage most likely to be referenced on a quirky tea-towel owned by your mum.

In fact, last year the UK consumed more of it than any other country worldwide . If youre a fan of prosecco, which statistically you probably are, youll be happy to hear there are a whole host of deals happening today: here are some of the best.


Italian restaurant Zizzi is offering customers either a free glasses of prosecco or a prosecco-flavoured Panna Cotta desert, which sounds delicious. All you need to do is go to the Zizzi website, download a code and present it to their waiter.

Zizzis head of marketing Rachel Hendry, has some enthusiastic words about the bubbly treat.

National Prosecco Day is a brilliant reminder to toast the final days of summer, she says.

Its undoubtedly the best national day of the year. At Zizzi we love any excuse to celebrate, so were delighted to be helping our customers to toast the everyday wins with a glass of fizz or dessert.

The weather has been feeling distinctly autumnal lately which, really, is all the more excuse to make the most out of the dying embers of summer – with a glass of free prosecco.

A woman enjoying a prosecco Panna Cotta and glass of prosecco (photo: Zizzi)
A woman enjoying a prosecco Panna Cotta and glass of prosecco (photo: Zizzi)

Free Aperol Spritz

Possibly the greatest contribution that prosecco has made to the world is the key role it plays in the Aperol Spritz – that most basic, yet most delicious of drinks. The good news is that Aperol has partnered with 30 bars across the country to hand out free Spritzs.



The catch is that you have to wear an item of orange clothing but, according to a spokesperson for the brand, this could be a hat, jewellery, sunglasses or even socks – so theres no need to turn up in an Orange is the New Black jumpsuit.

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Bella Italia

Back to Italian restaurant chains, Bella Italia are also offering a free glass of prosecco.

This one is even simpler than Zizzi: instead of downloading a code, you just need to say #nationalproseccoday to your waiter. Its unclear whether you need to pronounce the hashtag.

Various Prizes

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Could Pumpkin Spice Spam become the next hot autumn trend?

Yum? (Picture: Spam)
For many people, the annual arrival of the pumpkin spice latte signifies the st..

Yum? (Picture: Spam)

For many people, the annual arrival of the pumpkin spice latte signifies the start of autumn.

Earlier this week, a manager at Starbucks, the brand credited with making the drink such a success, revealed that the popular drink might even arrive before summer is over.

Rumour has it the latte will be available from 27 August, but no official launch date has been announced yet.

Many brands have tried to jump on the pumpkin spice bandwagon, including Lush with its Sparkly Pumpkin bath bomb, but so far no products have managed to take the crown from the Starbucks PSL, as fans call it.

However, just a few days ago a new product was announced and its possible that this one could steal the spotlight.

Please welcome Pumpkin Spice Spam – the latest contender for hottest autumn trend of 2019.

The idea for the product started as a joke in 2017, when Spam posted a photo of a pumpkin spice-flavoured can on its Facebook page, and we guess someone mustve thought it was a good idea.



Just like its predecessor (which is loved and loathed in equal measure) the new Spam flavour has seen mixed reactions from people.

Some are horrified, while others are delighted.

If pumpkin spice spam is wrong I dont wanna be right.

— Dave in the Canal (@barnostormer) August 17, 2019

I do like some pumpkin spice stuff but think they go too nuts putting it on everything. Beer, coffee, ok. Spam, ewwww.

— Dianaliketheprincess (@DianaRMaj) August 17, 2019

Burger King is making tacos… Natural Light is making seltzers… spam is making pumpkin spice flavor… yall need to just stop.

— Kristen Beatty (@Kbskate) August 17, 2019

I get plenty of online spam. Making it pumpkin spice doesnt help.

— newswatcher (@AhrDenis) August 17, 2019

If youre jumping up and down with joy over the possibility of getting a new pumpkin spice product to obsess about, we have bad news.

Unfortunately the product is currently only available in the US, where it will launch on 23 September.

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Why were Kelloggs Corn Flakes invented and was it to stop masturbation?

Ever wondered the origin of the humble corn flake? Youre in for a treat… or not (Picture: Melcon/Los..

Ever wondered the origin of the humble corn flake? Youre in for a treat… or not (Picture: Melcon/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Have you ever found yourself musing over the origins of your favourite breakfast cereal, the humble corn flake?

No? Well, were here to tell you anyway.

The reason behind the original – and now much-loved recipe – was to act as an anti-masturbatory morning meal. We break down why.

Why were corn flakes invented?

The popular cereal was first made back in 1894 by John Harvey Kellogg.

It was originally created as a healthy food for the patients of the sanitarium in which he worked, and its inception was functional: it was supposed to be healthy and deliberately bland.

It seems odd that someone make a deliberately tasteless food, but it was all part of an extreme diet – promoted by his church – aimed at suppressing passion.

John Harvey Kellogg talking to George Bernard Shaw
John Harvey Kellogg believed a simple and flavour-less diet could curb desires (Picture: Archive Photos/Getty Images)

He was a Seventh-day Adventist, a branch of Christianity which advocated a strict vegetarian diet devoid of alcohol, caffeine or meat.



In addition, Kellogg was a fervent believer of abstinence and believed sex and masturbation were unhealthy and abnormal.

In his book, Plain Facts for Old and Young: Embracing the Natural History and Hygiene of Organic Life he described what he saw as the negative effects of masturbation.

He cited mood swings, bad posture, acne, boldness, stiff joints, palpitations as well as a taste for spicy food to be the side affects of the double abominable crime.

Woman looking at an aisle of corn flakes
Corn flakes fast became a breakfast staple (Picture: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

To fight off any potential desire, he worked on ways people could curb sexual impulses iRead More – Source

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A farm is growing pricey long-neck avocados and youll want them for your toast

Look at the size of that lad. Absolute unit. (Picture: Miami Fruit)
Look, youre either going to be r..

Look at the size of that lad. Absolute unit. (Picture: Miami Fruit)

Look, youre either going to be really into these avocados or find them strangely unsettling. Itll be one option or the other.

Whichever camp you fall into, you do have to acknowledge that these avocados are quite odd looking.

Theyre called long-neck avocados, or Pura Vida avocados, and have a strangely long section after the stone.

Miami Fruit, in Florida, grows the special avo breed, which can measure up to 3ft long.

Such big lads come at a high price – a single Pura Vida avocado can cost $47 (£39).

The farm sells the avocados in bulk depending on weight, starting at $47 (£39) for 3-6lb of fruit. How many avocados you get depends on how big they are, as theyre not uniform in size or weight. One avocado could weigh enough for that one box, meaning youd be paying that amount for one big bit of guacamole.

A farm in Florida is growing 'long-neck' avocados that are up to 3 feet long
Theyre 18 inches long on average, but can be up to 3ft (Picture: miamifruit)

The biggest box contains 35-45lb of avo for $197 (£162).



Yep, the people who said millennials cant afford homes because they spaff all their money on avo toast might have been thinking of these fruits in particular.

Beyond their size, the long-neck avocados are much like any other avocado youll pick up from the nearest farmers market. Theyve got that lovely green exterior, theyll likely have an extremely brief window of ideal ripeness, and the farm says the flesh is thick, creamy, savoury, and slightly sweet. Sounds good to us.

We imagine that the neck bit is extremely satisfying to scoop out, too. They can grow straight for easy slicing potential, or curly, which makes them look slightly witchy.

Miami Fruit in Florida is growing 'long-neck' avocados that are up to 3 feet long
Imagine scooping this (Picture: miamifruit)

Each avocado is around 18 inches on average, but they have been known to grow up to 3ft long.

The avocados arent a new phenomenon – Miami Fruit has been growing them for years – but everyones paying attention thanks to a proliferation of long-neck avo pics on Instagram.

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We can understand why – the avocados look pretty impressive held up next to your head or arm for perspective.

Unfortunately if youre craving enough avocado to fill a baguette (just one long-neck one, we think, for a generous spread), youre out of luck. The Pura Vida avocados are only grown in southern Florida, so youre unlikely to find one in your nearest Sainsburys.



The good news is you can just stock up on lots of regular, large, or Read More – Source

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