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Who was Sharon Tate, who was she married to and what happened to her?

Film star Sharon Tate, who is remembered in new film Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, strikes a pose i..

Sharon Tate, the Valley of the Dolls film star who is played by Margot Robbie in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Film star Sharon Tate, who is remembered in new film Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, strikes a pose in 1965 (Picture: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Sharon Tates brutal murder under the orders of Charles Manson 50 years ago is revisited in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, the Quentin Tarantino film released today starring Margot Robbie as the celebrated actor.

Suicide Squad and Mary Queen of Scots star Robbie turns her attentions to Tate in the film, alongside fellow Australian Damon Herriman as Manson and performances from Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.

Although Tate will always be known as one of the Manson familys numerous murder victims in 1969, she is more happily remembered for a remarkable life in Hollywood and as a celebrity in swinging London.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: What films is Sharon Tate famous for?

Born in Dallas to a US army officer who gave her a nomadic upbringing, Tate started out as a model who won beauty pageants before picking up several television roles.



After deciding to pursue her acting career, Tate almost starred alongside The Great Escape star Steve McQueen, missing out following a screen test for his 1964 film The Cincinnati Kid.

Her major breakthrough was in Eye of the Devil, a British 1966 thriller set in France which saw Tate play a witch with a mysterious hold over a landowner played by David Niven, of Pink Panther fame.

Sharon Tate, whose life is portrayed by Margot Robbie in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, pictured in the 1960s

Born in 1943, Tate rose to cinematic fame before being murdered at 26 (Picture: Getty Images)

She went on to appear in Valley of the Dolls, which earned her the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer for her performance as a thespian hopeful embroiled in Broadways seedy underbelly.

As part of the promotion for the film, a documentary was released telling the story of rising star Tate, whose talent was described as tremendously exciting by director J Lee Thompson.

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In one scene in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Robbie portrays the glamorous Tate watching one of her own films, The Wrecking Crew.

Released a year before her death at the hands of the Manson family, the movie was her penultimate major film, in which she joined a cast including Thats Amore singer Dean Martin.

The last film she ever appeared in was the comedy Twelve Plus One in 1969.

Polish film director Roman Polanski and American actress Sharon Tate

Tate grins excitedly on her wedding day, consummating a romance sparked on one of her film sets (Picture: Evening Standard/Getty Images)

Who was Sharon Tate married to?



As her fame escalated around the release of Eye of the Devil, Tate became a fashion symbol and socialite in mid-1960s London.

While there, she was cast in The Fearless Vampire Killers, a horror comedy shot in Italy and other European locations in which Tate wore a red wig in the female lead role.

The films co-producer, Roman Polanski, was initially impatient with the inexperienced Tate, although the film crew benefited from her ability to speak fluent Italian.

Despite their rocky start, Tate impressed Polanski as production progressed and the pairs increasingly warm relationship extended to living together in London after the films release.

Although they would live in different countries during the years that followed, Tate and Polanski married in a high-profile wedding in the capital in January 1968.

The couple were almost constantly at the centre of society gossip and had an unconventional marriage, with Tate admitting that she allowed Polanski to be unfaithful.

Tate described Polanski as such a beautiful, mad human being, saying: Sometimes things are difficult, sometimes good. But it makes life twice as interesting.

Margot Robbie, who plays Sharon Tate in Once Upon a time in Hollywood, pictured with Quentin Tarantino and Leonardo DiCaprio at the movie premiere

Sharon Tate lookalike Margot Robbie plays the star in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Picture: Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

How did Sharon Tate die?

On the night of her death in August 1969, heavily-pregnant Tate had dined at her favourite restaurant before returning to the Los Angeles home she shared with her husband.

At some point between 10.30pm and midnight, Tate and guests Jay Sebring, WojciecRead More – Source

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10 Coronation Street spoilers: Rape trauma, baby danger and Bethanys confession

(Picture: ITV)
Coronation Street is buiding up to some dramatic and heart wrenching storylines as ou..

(Picture: ITV)

Coronation Street is buiding up to some dramatic and heart wrenching storylines as our brand new spoilers reveal. As the devastating death of Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) draws nearer, a confession from Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) could have huge ramifications for her dying days.

Elsewhere, a brand new crisis kicks off for David (Jack P Shepherd) as he is forced to come face to face with his rapist Josh Tucker (Ryan Clayton) in prison while Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) finds herself in a drastic situation ahead of the birth of her quads.

Here, we reveal whats coming up in Weatherfield.

10 Coronation Street spoilers

  • Shona blames Max when Harry is injured.
  • Gemma is trapped in a turnstile during a day at the match with Chesney.
  • Sinead finds herself too ill to undertake everyday tasks.
  • Geoff suggests that he and Yasmeen invest in Speed Daal.
  • Marion decides that she wants to fighr David and Shona for custody of Max.
  • Kirk plans an early Christmas for Sinead.
  • Gemma tries to turn the press over her disaster to her advantage.
  • David is horrified to come face to face with Josh in prison.
  • Geoff contacts Zeedan and arranges to buy his half of Speed Daal.
  • James realises that Bethany is in love with Daniel.

Monday 14th October



No episode.

Wednesday 16th October Part One

Gemma is trapped in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Gemma nets two VIP tickets to the Weatherfield County match and excitedly heads there with Chesney but disaster strikes when she tries to get through the turn stile and ends up trapped due to her pregnant stomach.

Max returns home in a foul mood and ends up in a row with Lily over the TV. When Harry is then hurt and has to be taken to hospital, Shona accuses Max who defiantly claims that it was Lily who pushed him.

Sinead is disheartened when she has to use a wheelchair to attend a family picnic and when she becomes too unwell, she has to be taken home. Geoff suggests to Yasmeen that they invest in Speed Daal while Bethany accidentally causes James to be injured.

Wednesday 16th October Part Two

Marion arrives and tells Shona that Max has been visiting her and when she spots that Shona has been drinking, she accuses her of being an unfit mother and seeks legal advice over custody. Later, Shona realises that it was Lily who pushed Harry and she feels terrible.

Gemma is mortified when the fire service have to cut her out of the turnstile while Daniel and Sinead are given a painful reminder that time is running out. Alya agrees to let Alya invest – but not Geoff while Bethany picks James brains over an article.

Friday 18th October Part One

Shona and Marion in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Shona tries to contact Max and is horrified when Marion makes it clear that she plans to fight her and David for custody of Max. David is rocked by the news and his day gets worse when he spots Josh in the medical wing of the prison.

Read More – Source

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Emmerdale spoilers: Ryan Hawley reveals all on Robert Sugdens exit

(Picture: ITV)
Robert Sugden hasnt had an easy couple of months in Emmerdale — what with him having ..

(Picture: ITV)

Robert Sugden hasnt had an easy couple of months in Emmerdale — what with him having been charged for GBH with intent for brutally assaulting Victoria Bartons (Isabel Hodgins) rapist Lee — but things are set to get much worse for the beloved character before his on-screen exit arrives, and actor Ryan Hawley has all the gossip on Roberts exit.

Robert was livid when he first learned about what had happened to Victoria, and thus he set out to seek revenge on her behalf — in spite of her consistently asking him not to. After multiple failed attempts to get justice for what Lee did, Robert lost control and picked up a shovel, before hitting the rapist on the back of the head — and he was charged for the crime as a result.

He ended up pleading guilty so that he could save Victoria having to lie on his behalf in court, and since then hes been enjoying the free time hes got left with husband Aaron (Danny Miller). On Roberts current state of mind, Ryan said: Hes waiting for the inevitable.He is however, optimistic that it is going to only be a short amount of time that hes going to be away for.

Robert leaves Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

I believe, worst case scenario – only a couple of years. He is quite confident in the fact that he has pled guilty so sentencing will be a bit more lenient.



Roberts circumstances are set to worsen in the coming episodes, as he learns that Lee has passed away in hospital. The ramifications that the rapists death will have on his prison sentence is the main cause of concern, as its now incredibly likely that hell be charged with murder for what he did to the young man.

Robert understandably struggles to process this information, but Liv (Isobel Steele) offers up a solution, when she suggests that he and Aaron go on the run together.

Ryan said: The news has just been broken to them so they havent really got a plan, they are going to have to take it as it comes. It means some very emotional goodbyes to some people in the village, but they have to be quick and there are some people they dont even get the chance to because Read More – Source

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Holby City review with spoilers: Ric opts for the risky surgery after Darla decides to keep the baby

Ric considers his options (Picture: BBC)
First the good news on tonights Holby City – Ric Griffin (H..

Ric considers his options (Picture: BBC)

First the good news on tonights Holby City – Ric Griffin (Hugh Quarshie)s brain tumour is benign. Unfortunately the bad news is very bad indeed. The tumour is huge, which makes surgery to remove it extremely difficult, according to Ric. The risks are very high that he could have a stroke or not survive the surgery at all. Leaving the tumour where it is could be an option, but it will probably keep on growing and compress his brain, leading to more mood swings, more forgetfulness and worse. His days as a surgeon would definitely be over very soon.

Because he had Darla (Naomi Katiyo) to worry about, he decided that he wouldnt risk the surgery and would try to manage the symptoms of the tumour with drugs. He also decided not to worry Darla by telling her about his diagnosis.

Darla decides to keep the baby in Holby City
Meet the parents (Picture: BBC)

Everything changed when Darla was visited by Peter (Jordan Adene), the father of her baby, who proved to be a very mature, supportive and sensible 15 year old. Donna (Jaye Jacobs) had already detected in Darla signs of doubt that she wanted to go through with having her baby adopted and Peters arrival cemented her decision – she wanted to keep her daughter. Peter said hed get a job and theyd manage.



Ric was on board with this plan because hes always wanted whatever makes Darla happy. Then Peters father (Daniel Adegboyega), an elder of the church, arrived and kicked off a bit. He accused Darla of trying to trap his son and said the baby might not even be Peters. There was a bit of a tussle as he tried to take Peter away and Ric ended up being thrown to the ground and knocked unconscious.

Ric Griffin in Holby City
Everyones worried about Ric (Picture: BBC)

Ric wasnt seriously hurt, but as everyone clustered around his bedside Cameron (Nic Jackman) said something about his serious condition in front of Darla, so Ric had no option but to tell her the truth. Peter proved that hes a keeper by smoothing things out with Darlas dad, so Darla is going to move back in with Kofi and bring up the baby, after making Ric promise that he has to do whats best for him and not delay the surgery just for her sake. And theyre naming the baby Erica, after her great-granddad – which made him fill up. She wouldnt be here now if it werent for you, Darla said. And Cameron, he reminded her, But Ericas a better name.

Ric apologised to Zav (Marcus Griffiths) and Donna for his recent behaviour and told them hes going to go for the surgery, because he wants to carry on being a surgeon himself if theres even a slim chance.



Meanwhile a small bunch of supporting artists had assembled to give Essie (Kaye Wragg) a party to welcome her new adopted baby. This was mainly a plot device so one of the cards would be found later on by Connor (Calum Lill) – Islas father. Hed come to the hospital to get Frankies phone number from Essie but he soon worked out that Essie is pretending that Isla is her legally adopted daughter. Sacha (Bob Barrett) tried to help Essie out by warning Connor off but only succeeded in making the situation worse. Essie finally resorted to good old faRead More – Source

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