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People think these bacon and cheese and Punjabi samosas are gentrified

Oh no, whats happening here? (Picture: @kiimberlynaidoo)
They say you can tell how gentrified your n..

Oh no, whats happening here? (Picture: @kiimberlynaidoo)

They say you can tell how gentrified your neighbourhood is by the number of joggers running around at all hours.

And you can tell how gentrified your food is when its been appropriated by the masses with their own take on it (PSA, leave hummus alone).

Samosas are the latest food to be adopted by a crowd that, err, dont know much about samosas.

Thats because the ubiquitous Asian snack was seen at a market in some rather interesting flavours that are usually not put into the fried goods.

Twitter user Kimberly Naidoo from South Africa spotted it and felt it was the gentrification of samoosas as it came in bacon and cheese flavours as well as a questionable Punjabi filling.

In true gentrification fashion, the prices were also higher than samosas should be, said Kimberly.

An image of the stall has circulated online and many, for whom the food is part of their culture, felt it was too far changed from the original.



The addition of bacon particularly irked some as many of South Asian descent are Muslim and dont eat pork.

My strongest political opinion is that bacon should never be in a samoosa and I WONT be swayed.

— the ebony falcon (@Lindyyay) August 18, 2019

The staple was spotted at The Oranjezicht Farmers Market in Cape Town where it was being sold three for 25rand (£1.34).

Traditionally, samosas are filled with potato or minced meat and mixed with chillies. So the market version, with roasted butternut and cheese and leek didnt go down well for some.

Kimberly found the whole thing hilarious. She told The sellers were definitely white. Those are the most ridiculous samosa fillings Ive ever seen. The worst part is they were super busy.

Bacon and Cheese Samosas?

Inna lillah wa ina elayhi raji'oon

— MM (@MohamedWrites) August 19, 2019

Mostly tourists were buying though because the locals know better.

As funny as it is though, I do think its gentrification and I think that spot in the market deserves to belong to a person of Asian descent making real samosas.

Also 25 rand for three samosas is very expensive even in a South African context.

Others felt the same, with one saying: R25 for three potato samoosas, lmao my grandmother would straight up smack me.

One person asked: What in the seven alternate universes is “Punjabi” flavour?

Others replied in the only way millennials know how to express disgust and outrage; via gifs.



And if all that talk of food has got you craving bacon and cheesRead More – Source

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Greggs is launching a hot evening meal deal for £4

Some of the new hot food options (Picture: Greggs)
Good news Greggs fans – the bakery chain is about..

Some of the new hot food options (Picture: Greggs)

Good news Greggs fans – the bakery chain is about to start serving hot food in the evening for dinner.

500 stores will stay open later to offer hot takeaway options.

After 4 pm the selected stores will sell a hot dinner main or hot sandwich with wedges and a drink for £4.

You can also get pizza and a drink for 2 pm after that time.

The menu aims to satisfy those on-the-go at dinnertime, looking for value, convenience and of course, great taste, Greggs said in a statement.

With 2,000 Greggs stores across the country, around one in four will offer the evening from Hot 2 Go counters, with the first ones opening on 21 September.

New additions to the menu, available in the deal and individually, include:

Greggs meal deal spicy chicken bites
The spicy chicken bites (Picture: Greggs)

Spicy BBQ Chicken Bites (from £1.50) – bbq flavour coated chicken breast pieces with a Heinz sauce pot.



Southern Fried Potato Wedges (from £1) – potatoes and lightly sprinkled with southern fried seasoning

Greggs meal deal southern fried chicken goujons
The Greggs Southern Friend chicken goujons (Picture: Greggs)

Southern Fried Chicken Goujons (from £2.75) – chicken breast goujons coated in lightly spiced southern fried style breadcrumbs, with a dip of your choice.

Macaroni Cheese (from £2.75) – pasta with a cheddar cheese sauce, topped with a crunchy ciabatta crouton crumb.

New breakfast dishes are also being added to the stores with Hot 2 Go counters, including:

Greggs breakfast box
The breakfast box (Picture: Greggs)

Veggie Breakfast Box (from £1.90) – Heinz Beans, cheese omelette and mini hash browns.

Breakfast Box (from £2) – Heinz Beans, cheese omelette, pork sausagRead More – Source

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Gingerbread houses are out, but Cadbury Chocolate Cottage kits are in

Easy to make? Well be the judges of that! (Picture: Getty – Cadbury)
Gingerbread houses are so last ..

Easy to make? Well be the judges of that! (Picture: Getty – Cadbury)

Gingerbread houses are so last year.

That is if youre a chocolate fan, and instead want to opt for a Cadbury Chocolate Cottage kit instead.

The kit has been brought out for 2019 and has everything you need to make your very own house of chocolate (then see how long it lasts before you eat it).

It includes the limited edition Cadbury with gingerbread bars – so you can still get your Christmassy fix – which make up the front and back walls.

You then melt offcuts of Dairy Milk to use as cement, and then use standard Dairy Milk bars for the other walls.

Cadbury's Christmas Cottage Picture: Cadbury
Your finished creationg SHOULD look like the one on the box (Picture: Cadbury)

For the roof, youll have the Winter Wonderland bars, which feature little Christmas trees of white and milk chocolate, a Flake for the top, and white chocolate Buttons for decoration.



The kit costs £16, but youll have to provide your own icing to make it look exactly like the pictures. Were sure youll want a little extra for dusting too, of course.

More: Food

Its proven so popular in the day that its been out that the confectionery company are already having to restock it. That should be done tomorrow (18 September), but youll likely want to snap it up quickly.

You can get yours on the Cadbury website.

You may think that its a little early to be thinking of the festive season, but stores like Sainsburys have already stocked up on mince pies and Christmas pudding.

It may also be worth pre-planning your chocolate intake, given some of the most Read More – Source

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What the hell is a dry cappuccino?

But… coffee is wet? (Picture: Getty)
Coffee. It can be tall, short, extra hot, iced – there are almo..

But… coffee is wet? (Picture: Getty)

Coffee. It can be tall, short, extra hot, iced – there are almost endless variations for the perfect coffee order. But I think one thing we can all agree on is that coffee is wet.

Its a liquid. So its wet. Why then is it possible to order a dry cappuccino? And what on earth does that even mean?

We all love a pretentious coffee order. Dont pretend it doesnt make you feel alive to order an extra-hot-oat-milk-vanilla-babylatte-with-extra-foam.

But ordering a dry cappuccino will take you to the next level and will be sure to impress even the snarkiest barista in your local coffee shop.

So its pretty simple. A dry cappuccino has less steamed milk and a thicker layer of foamed milk than a regular cappuccino. Thats it. It has the same amount of actual coffee, and the same amount of milk – just the proportions of steamed milk and foam are different.



On the other side of the scale is the wet cappuccino. Not to be confused with the regular cappuccino.

More: Food

A wet cappuccino has more steamed milk than a regular or a dry cappuccino, and just a thin layer of foamed milk on the top.

What we can glean from this information is that the dryness to wetness scale seems wholly dependent on the proportion of steamed milk. The more steamed milk – the wetter your cappuccino.

Simple. But do these cappuccino variations actually taste any different? Theres only one way to find out. Order them all and spend the rest of the day trying desperately to control your caffeine tremors.

And remember, cappuccinos arent the first drink to claim to operate on a sliding scale of wetness. If white wine can be dry then so can our coffee, dammit.

MORE: Read More – Source

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