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Brits eating more fruit and vegetables while stuck

MILLIONS of Brits are consuming more fruit and vegetables while stuck at home than before the lockdo..

MILLIONS of Brits are consuming more fruit and vegetables while stuck at home than before the lockdown.

A poll of 2,000 adults found a fifth are enjoying more of their five-a-day now than they did previously. However, 61 percent would still like to broaden their horizons by trying more exotic fruit and veg options. And 58 percent wished they knew more about different fruits and veggies they could eat.

The research was commissioned by Uber Eats, which is working in partnership with New Covent Garden Market to launch a trial of fresh produce deliveries in London, available via the app from the 13th of May.

It also emerged the average adult eats around four different varieties of fruit and vegetables a day.

And almost one in five are also using this time to be more experimental with their food choices, according to the OnePoll research.

As a result, the number of veg boxes consumed has more than doubled during the lockdown period.

Toussaint Wattinne, general manager of Uber Eats, UK and Ireland, said: “We want to do what we can to feed Brits newfound interest in fruit and vegetables.

“Now everyone can order fresh and healthy produce from the New Covent Garden Market to be delivered directly to their doorstep.”

All produce boxes will include information outlining where the fresh produce has come from, alongside serving suggestions to help the public gain a better understanding of their food.

The partnership also hopes to support farmers and independent suppliers, bringing seasonal and fresh produce directly to customers, to meet the rise in demand.

Daniel Tomkinson, chief executive at Covent Garden Market Authority, said: “New Covent Garden Markets traders provide exceptional quality fruit and vegetables, both British and from further afield, which typically gets served everywhere from high end restaurants to schools.

“Since lockdown started and restaurants closed, a number of our traders have launched produce delivery boxes direct to the public and were thrilled to be making three of these available through Uber Eats for the first time.”


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Spring cabbage with sweet potatoes

The recipe

Put 150ml of olive oil in a blender with 100ml of wa..

The recipe

Put 150ml of olive oil in a blender with 100ml of water, 10g of dill fronds and 15g of parsley leaves, then process to a vivid green dressing. Add a little salt and pour into a large bowl.

Cut a spring cabbage, or 2 if they are small, into slices about 2cm in thickness. Wash thoroughly, then toss them gently in the herb dressing and set aside.

Peel 750g of sweet potatoes, then cut into large pieces. Pack into a steamer basket or colander and place over a pan of boiling water. Cover tightly with a lid and leave them to steam for 25 minutes, until you can easily pierce them with a skewer.

Set the oven at 200C/gas mark 6, then line an oven tray or grill pan with kitchen foil. Place the slices of cabbage on the foil side by side, reserving any extra dressing that may be in the bowl. Dot 65g of butter between them, then bake for 20 minutes, until tender to the point of a knife. Baste them a couple of times as they cook.

While the cabbage is baking, tip the sweet potato into a bowl and mash to a smooth, thick purée with a masher or fork, then season generously. Divide the sweet potato mash between 2 warm plates, then remove the baked cabbage from the oven, trickle over any remaining dressing and serve. Enough for 2

The trick

Baste the slices of cabbage as they bake with any dressing or butter in the oven tray (and with a little more melted butter if necessary), and test every few minutes. You ideally want the outer leaves to be green-gold, lightly crisp at the edges and the stalks to be tender.

The twist

Use other root vegetables for the mash, including swede or large, maincrop carrots. If you didnt want to bake the cabbage, you can sauté it in a little oil and butter instead, basting it as it cooks.

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World Food Programme head warns Covid-19 pandemic could provoke ‘famines of biblical proportions’

The UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) is warning of potential famines of “biblical proportions” as the..

The UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) is warning of potential famines of “biblical proportions” as the Covid-19 pandemic affects countries in an already dire situation. In an interview with FRANCE 24, the United Nation’s WFP Executive Director David Beasley said he was especially worried about a breakdown in the supply chain that allows his agency to provide food to dozens of millions of people around the globe.

WFP head David Beasley expressed confidence that donor nations would respond to a $4.7 billion fundraising call launched this week by the UN to help those in need, despite the recession hitting many rich countries. He also stressed that top Trump administration officials and key US congressional leaders had reassured him that they understood the need to maintain funding for the food emergency.

However, he called on “the world’s billionaires” to do more, saying, “It’s time for you to step up in a way you’ve never stepped up before; people are in need … this is a one-time phenomenon and we need your help.”

However, he warned that the situation in Africa was likely to become much worse in the coming weeks, in large part because of the economic collapse provoked by the Covid-19 pandemic. “Almost a quarter of a billion people will be marching towards starvation because of the economic deterioration from Covid, wars, conflicts… It is a perfect storm. I do wish I were exaggerating, but we are really looking at what could be famines of biblical proportions in multiple countries, and especially in Africa,” Beasley told FRANCE 24’s Marc Perelman.

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Asda launches best value supermarket groceries box for UK delivery you can get in two days

ASDA as revealed a new groceries box, which is the best vale supermarket groceries box available for..

ASDA as revealed a new groceries box, which is the best vale supermarket groceries box available for UK delivery. The box contains 31 items for £30.

Asda has revealed the launch of the best value food box on the market. It is full of cupboard favourites to help Britons get everyday items for cheap.

The box contains 31 store cupboard staples for just £30, including delivery.

Asda claims the box is brimming with supplies that have been in high demand amid the pandemic, including cereal, bread, pasta, tinned fruit and vegetables, sauces, Extra Special jam, teabags and long-life milk.

It also includes a “selection of treats”.

The supermarket said: “The food box is available to all, but Asda hopes it will help those most vulnerable who are struggling to get to the supermarket, or those who are self-isolating.”

It claimed the box will be delivered direct to the doorstep within two days of the customer placing the order.

The delivery will be made by a third-party provider so as not to add additional pressure to Asdas existing grocery home shopping service.

Mike Snell, Managing Director of Asdas sourcing and procurement arm, IPL, comments: “For vulnerable people across the country, staying at home and not being able to make a trip to the supermarket is a difficult prospect.

“At Asda, were committed to helping ease the strain on our customers during this time and hope that by offering our food box at an affordable price, we can help to make lives that little bit easier, giving people peace of mind that their cupboards will be well stocked without the stress.”

Supermarkets have been launching various food boxes in this time to help Britons get their essentials.

Morrisons launched a BBQ box ahead of this weekend, a bank holiday scorcher.

The new BBQ Food Box costs £35 including delivery, and features everything from meat to marinades to help foodies cook up the perfect barbecue buffet.

The value box includes 25 pieces of meat, eight meat-free portions, 12 bread rolls, seven packs of vegetables and salads, four marinades and dips, and two boxes of treats for that all important dessert.

The brand said it would comfortably feed a family of four adults, with plenty of meat to go around.

It includes the Morrisons Scotch Burgers 4 pack, Morrisons Best Pork Sausages 6 pack, 1.1kg of chicken drumsticks and 350g of sizzle steaks.

Morrisons Afternoon Tea Box was revealed ahead of VE Day tomorrow.

The box includes everything you need for a delicious, traditional British afternoon tea.

It also includes some delicious tears including Champagne truffles.

Yesterday Tesco launched a half price clothing sale.

The sale is starting today Wednesday (May 6) and ending on Tuesday May 19.

However, some Britons have expressed shock that the supermarket would be holding a sale during lockdown.

One said: “An in-store clothing sale encourages people to spend more time than is necessary in your shops, buying non-essential items.”


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