Seleucus was born as the child of Antiochus (father of Seleucus I Nicator) and Laodice of Macedonia in Macedonia (ancient kingdom). Attendant on Cleopatra. Information and translations of seleucus i nicator in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. An Ancient Greek name, in particular borne by the founder of the Seleucid dynasty — Seleucus I Nicator. Spread your love towards and Vedic Astrology. Search for the meaning of the surname - Seleucus. From Shakespeare's play Antony & Cleopatra. What is the origin of the name Seleucus? Looking for the meaning of the name Seleucus? His most notable accomplishments were from 306 to present. Meaning of Seleucus. These names are sorted alabatically for male and female children. Seleucus means: Antony and Cleopatra'. Seleucus I definition: surname Nicator. The Seleucid Empire (/ s ɪ ˈ lj uː s ɪ d /; Ancient Greek: Βασιλεία τῶν Σελευκιδῶν, Basileía tōn Seleukidōn) was a Hellenistic state in Western Asia that existed from 312 BC to 63 BC. Seleucus I Nicator is royalty. obtains your consent in accordance with the policies and technical specifications of the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework. Check Today's Panchang in English, हिंदी, मराठी, ગુજરાતી and తెలుగు, ಕನ್ನಡ New. Welcome to our baby name section. Seleucus was the son of Antiochus, a general of Philip II of Macedonia, the Seleucus I pronunciation with meanings, synonyms, antonyms, translations, sentences and more. What does Seleucus mean? Seleucus I definition in English dictionary, Seleucus I meaning, synonyms, see also 'selenous',Seleucia',Seleucid',select'. Free Vedic Janmakundali (Horoscope) with predictions in Telugu. Of or relating to a Hellenistic dynasty founded by Seleucus I after the death of Alexander the Great. Check your horoscope for Mangal dosh, find out that are you Manglik or not. See more. Browse for all the origins, histories, and meanings of Seleucus … செலியூஷியா Tamil Discuss this seleucus English translation with the community: Check desired region for baby name. Variations of this names are no variations. Newborn Astrology. Megasthanes wrote the book Indica which is useful to know about Mauryan polity and society. Information and translations of Seleucus in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Follow Tweet. (Gaius, Cyrus, Darius, Seleucus) 2. Williams, E. 1987. 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Meaning of Seleucus, Information about First Name Seleucus, Shakespearean Origin Names, Choose babynames from thousunds of names data base from various regions and coutries. He holds the title Basileus of the Seleucid Empire and Basileusof theSeleucid Empire. in This section you can find various meaningful names for your child. Question 18. Meaning of seleucus i nicator. Your main lesson in present - to develop magnanimity and feeling of brotherhood. Seleucus is Boy/Male and origin is Shakespearean. Tamil Nadu 12th Model Question Papers Menu Toggle. When Alexander the great died in 323 B.C. giving Vedic Astrology services from 2004. Seleucus I Nicator, Macedonian army officer who founded the Seleucid kingdom. What does Seleucid mean? Mesopotamia translation in English-Tamil dictionary. ... Linguists developed a system called Pinyin, meaning spelled sounds, for pronouncing and ... Seleucus’ envoy Megasthanes is said to have remained in India. You dont have any items in your cart. More Names. You would find an opportunity of creative self-expression in any situation. I will try my level best to give you accurate Astrology programs and predictions. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. All supported countries and religions and regions. Connect with for more updates. Note! What is the meaning of the name Seleucus? Is the name Seleucus a female or a male gender name and what is the origin of Seleucus? Human translations with examples: MyMemory, World's Largest Translation Memory. Monarchs and other people related to the Seleucid Empire. You had an artistic personality, always transforming ugly into beauty, gray into bright colors. the name of several kings of Syria (their ancestor, Seleucus Nicator, a general of Alexander the Great after the latter’s death founded the kingdom of the Seleucidae) (Can we find and add a quotation of Junianus Justinus to this entry?) Seleucids synonyms, Seleucids pronunciation, Seleucids translation, English dictionary definition of Seleucids. In Shakespearean the meaning of the name Seleucus is: Antony and Cleopatra'. The Maurya Empire was a geographically extensive Iron Age historical power based in Magadha and founded by Chandragupta Maurya, which dominated the Indian subcontinent between 322 and 185 BCE. King Alexander’s generals were given the title of diadochi by future historians, and they took … This website is designed and developed by an Astrologer not by a programmer so if you find any errors/ bugs in my website or in Android or windows mobile apps please do inform me by sending a mail to document.write(''+first + '@' + last+'<\/a>'); . Find out below. Definition of seleucus i nicator in the dictionary. What does Seleucus mean? adj. I do not know how you feel about it, but you were a male in your last earthly incarnation. Available in Seleucia definition, an ancient city in Iraq, on the Tigris River: capital of the Seleucid empire. Survey: Which of the following lists would you find most interesting? Seleucus (or Seleukos) of Seleucia (born c. 190 BC, fl. en The last one takes us to Acts 7:2, where we read Stephen’s admonition to the first-century Jews: “The God of glory appeared to our forefather Abraham while he was in Mesopotamia, before he took up residence in Haran, and he said to him, ‘Go out from your land and from your relatives and come on into the land I shall show you.’” Seleucus definition, a crater in the second quadrant of the face of the moon: about 32 miles (51.2 km) in diameter. Seleucus I Nicator (Satrap 311–305 BC, King 305 BC–281 BC), son of Antiochus and founder of the Seleucid Empire; Seleucus II Callinicus (246–225 BC); Seleucus III Ceraunus (or Soter) (225–223 BC); Seleucus IV Philopator (187–175 BC); Seleucus V Philometor (126/125 BC); Seleucus VI Epiphanes Nicator (96–95 BC) From Latin Seleucus, from Ancient Greek Σέλευκος (Séleukos). Which of these is a non-canonical feast (Feast of Dedication, Feast of Tabernacle, Pentecost, Feast of Unleavened Bread) 5. Submit the origin and/or meaning of Seleucus to us below. You can print/ email your birth chart. se-lu'-kus (Seleukos): (1) Seleucus I (Nicator, "The Conqueror"), the founder of the Seleucids or House of Seleucus, was an officer in the grand and thoroughly equipped army, which was perhaps the most important part of the inheritance that came to Alexander the Great from his father, Philip of … ... Indonesian Italian Korean Latin Latvian Macedonian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Spanish Swahili Swedish Tamil Turkish Vietnamese Welsh. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Share this page: See Also. Information and translations of seleucus i in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. It uses the Consent Management Platform n°92.You can change your choices at any time by clicking here. Can Seleucus be pronounced multiple ways? Your help and support needed to provide more free Vedic Astrology services through this website. The name Seleucus means. (Source: Paul J Kosmin) Seleucus’ success in war also acquired him the surname ‘Nicator’ (a greek title meaning victor) and helped him build his empire which went on to be known as the Seleucid Empire and was one of the largest states in the ancient world for nearly 150 years. Meaning and origin of the Shakespearean baby name Seleucus. The history of Seleucus originates from a unknown background. SELEUCUS. Pronunciation of Seleucus I Nicator with 1 audio pronunciation, 6 synonyms, 1 meaning, 6 translations and more for Seleucus I Nicator. Seleucus Meaning Latinized form of the Greek name Σελευκος (Seleukos), of unknown meaning. The meaning of Dhamma is explained in Ashoka’s – Pillar Edict II. Meanings Shakespearean Baby Names Meaning: In Shakespearean Baby Names the meaning of the name Seleucus is: Antony and Cleopatra'. Seleucus: 1 n Macedonian general who accompanied Alexander the Great into Asia; founded a line of kings who reigned in Asia Minor until 65 BC (358-281 BC) Synonyms: Seleucus I , Seleucus I Nicator Example of: Macedonian a native or inhabitant of Macedon full general , … See more. What does the name Seleucus mean? Information about Seleucus. Namaste!!! Meanings for Seleucus A former Greece general, who conquered Asia. 'Seleucus the Victor') was a Greek general and one of the Diadochi, the rival generals, relatives, and friends of Alexander the Great who fought for control over his empire after his death. Question 18. Seleucus was born as the child of Antiochus (father of Seleucus I Nicator) and Laodice of … Sarvesthu Sukhinah Santhu, Sarve Santhu Niramayah. Attendant on Cleopatra. Meaning of Seleucus. In the struggles following the death of Alexander the Great, he rose from governor of Babylon to king of an empire centring on Syria and Iran. his generals, closest friends and family members divided up his empire that he managed to create within a ten year period. This section contains thousunds of baby names from various regions in this world. Megasthanes wrote the book Indica which is useful to know about Mauryan polity and society. Shakespearean Meaning: The name Seleucus is a Shakespearean baby name. In the Mediterranean Basin, the first few decades of this century were characterized by a balance of power between the Greek Hellenistic kingdoms in the east, and the great mercantile power of Carthage in the west. Seleucus Related Names Variant: Seleukos. Cookies help us deliver our services. Fun Facts about the name Seleucid. తెలుగు. One of Alexander the Great‘s generals was named Seleucus, and he was a satrap or governor of Babylon when King Alexander died. Seleucus translation in English-Indonesian dictionary. Meaning of seleucus i. Check your horoscope for Kalasarpa dosh, get remedies suggestions for Kasasarpa dosha. What are some names that would belong on a list titled ". Define Seleucids. You can print/ email your birth chart. Definition of seleucus i in the dictionary. Seleucus I Nicator is royalty. How difficult is it to pronounce Seleucus? The 3rd century BC started the first day of 300 BC and ended the last day of 201 BC.It is considered part of the Classical era, epoch, or historical period.. অনলাইন বাংলা - বাংলা অভিধান। Search English meaning for any Bangla word It was founded by Seleucus I Nicator following the division of the Macedonian Empire established by Alexander the Great. Meaning of Seleucid. How unique is the name Seleucid? It ruled much of Asia Minor from 312 to 64 bc. Definition of Seleucus in the dictionary. Wert thou a man, Thou wouldst have mercy on me. What does seleucus i mean? Which is the right way to pronounce the word adiós in Swedish? Meaning of Seleucus. Seleucus is a Boy name with meaning Antony and Cleopatra'. Attendant on Cleopatra. Seleucus Rhyming, similar names and popularity. Seleucus synonyms, Seleucus pronunciation, Seleucus translation, English dictionary definition of Seleucus. Online Bangla-Bangla (B2B) Dictionary. [To SELEUCUS] Prithee, go hence, Or I shall show the cinders of my spirit Through th’ ashes of my chance. Oh Caesar, I am so ashamed—you agreed to visit me here and honor me in my humiliation with your great presence, and my own servant adds to all my disgraces out of spite! Attendant on Cleopatra.. Tamil Nadu 12th Model Question Papers Menu Toggle. The name Seleucus means. Attendant on Cleopatra. Notable Persons With the Last Name Seleucus, Macedonian general who accompanied Alexander the Great into Asia; founded a line of kings who reigned in Asia Minor until 65 BC (358-281 BC). seleucus in Chinese : 西留库斯…. Attendant on Cleopatra. Is the name Seleucus a female or a male gender name and what is the origin of Seleucus? Other Dictionary Sources: WordNet 3.1 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University (. Seleucus meaning - Astrology for Baby Name Seleucus with meaning Antony and Cleopatra'. Seleucus I Nicator (/ s ə ˈ lj uː k ə s n aɪ ˈ k eɪ t ər /; c. 358 BC – September 281 BC; Ancient Greek: Σέλευκος Νικάτωρ, romanized: Séleukos Nikátōr, lit. हिंदी and You were born somewhere around the territory of USA North-Central approximately on 1175. CLEOPATRA. The house of Seleucus. Comprising the majority of South Asia, the Maurya Empire was centralized by the conquest of the Indo-Gangetic Plain, and its capital city was located at Pataliputra (modern Patna). Hindu Baby names, Mulsim Baby names, Christian baby names and many more.. This name is from the Shakespearean origin. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionary Try to become less adhered to material property and learn to have only as many, as you may give back. and Number 6. This will help us as well as needy people who are interested in Free Astrology and Horoscope services. Latinized form of the Greek name Σελευκος (Seleukos), of unknown meaning. Contextual translation of "seleucus" into Turkish. Please share on your Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, GooglePlus and other social media networks. Your profession was leader, major, and captain. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences. Rashi, Nakshatra, Naming letters and birth doshas. Seleucus means: Antony and Cleopatra'. This page provides all possible translations of the word seleucus in the Tamil language. U.S. Census Bureau: Frequently Occurring Surnames from the Census 2000 (public domain). Seleucus name meaning, Shakespearean baby Boy name Seleucus meaning,etymology, history, presonality details. ?358–280 bc , Macedonian general under Alexander the Great, who founded... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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